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  1. Theory11's involvment with Now You See Me is very well known. I really liked the first movie and am excited to see the sequel. There are some places where Hollywood takes liberties with the way the magic community works but over all I feel like they are trying to portray magic in its best light.

    It got me thinking, if there was a real life super group of magicians that pulled of Robinhood like capers who would make up that team?

    The rules are you must have and Illusionist, Close-up Magician/Street Magician, Escape Artist and Mentalist.

    My team would be:

    Illusionist: Franz Harrary
    Close-up Magician: David Blaine
    Escape Artist: I can't think of the guys name but he apeared on one of the first World Magic Awards in 2001
    Mentalist: Luke Jermay
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  2. Illusionist: Kevin James
    Close-Up Magician: Shawn Farquhar
    Escape Artist: Darcy Oake
    Mentalist: Patrick Redford
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  3. Josh Burch you didn't mention they had to be alive. So here would be my killer team.

    Illusionist: Robert-Houdin
    Close-Up Magician: Dai Vernon
    Escape Artist: Harry Houdini
    Mentalist: Theodore Anneman
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  4. My list would be:

    Illusionist: David Copperfield
    Close-Up: Dai Vernon
    Escape: Harry Houdini
    Mentalist: Max Maven

    I resorted to Gabriels argument for a couple of these :p
  5. I chose living performers but either work :)
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  6. Illusionist - David Copperfield (I feel like his personality would fit right into the group)
    Close-Up - Shin Lim
    Escape Artist - Harry Houdini (it's hard to even compete with his talent)
    Mentalist - Derren Brown
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  7. The toughest spot for me to fill was the mentalist. There are some great thinkers in the mentalism community.
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  8. Illusionist: Hugh Jackman's character in 'The Prestige'. Which is also handy because we also have Wolverine in case we're in a pinch.

    Close-Up: Mark Ruffalo. I know he's in the movie, ironically. But his close-up work is amazing. Namely, the one where he triples his size, turns green, and doesn't completely destroy his pants. There's no way those pants could be intact! But they are, held on by the harnessed power of censorship! M-A-G-I-C-I-A-N!

    Escape: Hillary Clinton. she's in the process of dodging federal indictments and prison time. That's pretty escape artisty to me.

    Mentalist: Paul Ekman. A human lie detector. The guy that the tv series 'Lie To Me' is based off on. Amazing work.

    I think I may have completely missed the mark, especially it being a group that could easily unify towards a common goal. I'm hoping that lies and candy-bracelets would band them all together. Then again, we have: struggling magician character, rage issues, politician, and human BS detector.
    I mean, it's an all star team for sure. I'm just not sure if I'm the right person to convince them all to work together for a singular reason.
  9. XD That is actually pretty funny.I didn't think about that, I should have put her down as my escape artist too.
  10. I think you are overreacting just a bit. Political humor is different than political arguments. I enjoy the Saturday Night Live political skits regardless of whether they are poking fun at a politician that I like or dislike. My favorite was Dana Carvey doing George H.W. Bush (especially the one where GHWB appeared on the show). Have you ever watched the footage from the Correspondent's dinner? At the dinner, politicians make fun of themselves. Based on what we've seen so far in this election year, there is a lot to find humor in.

    Like in our magic presentation, our posts have a bit of our personality in it. If you've been around any length of time, you will also know that Brett is one of the nicest guys on the forums. Seriously, he has more "likes" than anyone and around 500 more than me (and I consider myself pretty likable). Brett also has a great sense of humor (ok, it may be a little dry and intellectual but that is what I define as a great sense of humor). So if you didn't like the Hillary joke, move on and laugh at the Mark Ruffalo joke...
  11. Hey guys, just wanted to pop in and give a heads up that this forum is for magic/cardistry talk only. We do enjoy a sense a humor, but we want to keep this forum relatively clean of any off-topic subjects. We love for people to post and voice their opinions, but we have to remember that this forum is for magic/cardistry. Please keep this thread about the topic Josh had originally discussed. Thanks!
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  12. Very clever Brett. On another note, Lie To Me was a fantastic show.
  13. I'm surprised no one has mentioned Apollo Robbins yet. Probably one of the best magician thieves I know of. If you've ever watched the show Leverage (a great show about a group of thieves that pull off Robin Hood-like capers), you'll notice in the credits that Apollo consulted on the entire show and even guest starred in one of the episodes.
  14. So your the reason my name can't be just Mark...
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  15. I am almost sure he guest starred on two episodes. He also helped on the National Geographic show Brain Games.
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  16. [​IMG]
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