Old Bicycle Cards. What to do?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by madeofspades, May 23, 2010.

  1. Practice the Mercury fold? Practice a torn and restored? These are obvious answers, but why waste good cards doing them? ;-)
  2. here's a crazy idea (and skimming through responses, no one seems to have mentioned it...)

    Use them to actually PLAY CARD GAMES with friends - after all, they are "playing cards". I freak whenever my friends touch my new decks, so I keep my old ones for Poker and stuff.

    Also, I usually don't bring new decks when I travel. I think all the changes in air pressure/humidity messes with them, so I do what I can with old decks when I'm not in my city.

    Another thing - I have a deck I use when I'm out and about that involves signing and tearing cards, so I regularly swap in cards from old decks. Some tricks involve duplicates, so it helps with that too.
  3. You can:

    Make posters by pasting them to tagboard (cool!)

    Make playing card top hats (tutorial on youtube)

    Make playing card boxes, can be used as gift boxes, cellphone holder, key-holder, ect. These are fun to make and very versatile. (tutorial on youtube)

    Use to practice card throwing

    Use to level out a wobbly table or chair

    Use to practice dice stacking

    Use for Art.
  4. Make a belt.

    And as to the discussion on the durability of cards... well I only used new decks in performance, but my practice cards generally last about a week. The problem with using decks any longer is that you can become used to cards reacting in certain ways which can be different to the new decks you're (hopefully) performing with.

  5. i perform with broken in decks. not beat up decks. but not brand spanking fresh from the cellophane new either.
  6. No arguing with you here. Thought that went unspoken but I'm sorry for the misunderstanding.

    But I think trying to perform with a month old deck is just bad business.

  7. Ha ha ha ha!!!! You're lucky you can keep a deck of cards in commission for one month!!! I open a new deck of cards every five to seven days because I wreck them so badly. Recycling is always a safe bet
  8. To quote an ancient Toltec proverb: "Old cards make great bookmarks."
  9. I use my old cards for my artwork or glass etching. I also make gaff cards out of my old decks.
  10. amen! and to make up a new proverb "advertisement cards hold places in magic texts very well"
  11. Good idea: use old cards to practice making impossible bottles :D i am actually going to give it a go soon.
  12. haha I found Jamie's Banksy limited edition bottle yesterday afternoon. The bottle is sick!
  13. Wow i thought i saw it in your avatar image but i wasnt sure it was Jamies one! Thats well lucky man congrats! I definitely want to try and make an impossible bottle one day lol.
  14. Thanks! Yea, it is the Jamie's bottle. He put it up on a statue in Vegas on the strip. I drove almost an hour to find it and it was still there. I almost passed out hahaha. I think I may have figured out how he made the bottle....
  15. Its ridiculously simple aha. Man your so lucky did you know they sell for $10,000?

    EDIT: Sorry the limited edition ones have sold for $10,000 to celebrities.
  16. He has stated on his website the bottle is worth $10,000. The ones he is placing around are all signed by Jamie and are serial numbered to 100.
  17. I know, but surely that makes it the same value as the ones he is selling ;) Not that i would sell it or anything if i got one, because the inspiration it emanates is surely worth more than the value.
  18. Exactly. I'm going to hold onto it. I hope Jamie gets a lot of exposure for this. He really does deserve it! He's a super nice guy too.
  19. When the cards are old, habitually the moves you do with them are limited because the air cushion finish is worn out. So continue the old moves that you can practice with it, and use the brand new cards to do fans and other things that you need smooth cards. When you're tired using the old ones, keep them as a souvenir for the future. You will say: This deck helped me to be a real magician. And this will get you Happy :)

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