Old School Magicians?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BrianationX, Jul 29, 2008.

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    Believe me, I know what you mean. Look at my posts in the other threads of his...I'm arguing right along with you.

    I guess I was trying to say that it's like you and I are banging our heads against a wall because any rational, fact-based point made is ignored in lieu of picking apart others.

    Hell, Brian hasn't stepped up to the plate once for the pitches I've thrown.

  2. I think I was simply wishful-thinking.

  3. As true as that may be, it's best to avoid directly discussing a T11 member "behind their back." ;)

    I do, however, think that many would like to see some of Brians skill. I love to watch magic, and if he says hes better than Ammar, Tamariz, and Malone and he can prove it...I'd watch.

    Hear that Brian? You can shut us all up with a simple video of you performing for people other than your friends.

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    I'd sooner see some revered 'OldSchool' magician operate than a random, ambitious aspiring young mindfreak person put on a lousy show.

    True, magic wands and top hats are mostly(or completely) things of the past, but to discredit the 'oldschool' magicians to such an extent is not excusable - You need a thrashing, you naughty boy! :mad:

    May you hands cramp violently during an XCM routine!!!
  5. It's not really behind their back as I've posted it publicly rather than with other members in private, but it may still be in poor taste.

    I'm done with these threads, though. I have a show to prep, and my time is better spent on that.

    Good luck, all.

  6. i still use a magic wand.... although is clear acrylic heh. i use it from my bowl routine close up and well as the cups and balls of course.

    i also use it while talking to the audience in stand up shows. following the advice of McBride it helps as a way to "reach out" into the audience. you can also use it from some flourishing if that's your thing.

    one of these days though id like you take up some light contact juggling and use that while im addressing the audience.

    i think the key to using the magic wand... is to not call it a magic wand ;)

  7. Oo, one thing...

    Eguene Burger is the one worlds greatest Sleight Of Hand artist. Even DB respects him...
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    What doesn't surprise me is he just said exactly same thing what a Brian Tudor video said in YouTube.... It just has less swear words, a lot more bias, and yet equal amount of venting... No, Mr. BrianationX, I do not own Show Off 3, I just saw him venting in YouTube and just surprised to see the message is here as well...

    Please go somewhere else and do it.

    Well... you'd have to get Brian Tudor to say "I respect Eugene Burger" or else it's not gonna be worth it in his mind.
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    Brian, some people are mysterious because they don't tell you anything. Others are "mysterious" because they don't know anything. Which side of the fence are you on.

    I notice you use the word modern a lot. Typically capitalizing the M as you would in naming an artistic movement such as Futurism, Romanticism, and Baroque. However... I'm curious. How familiar are you with Modernism in an artistic context?
  10. And here we go again.

    One positive thing I will say is that because of his recent spate of threadGarbage, the magicians who actually can think coherent thoughts have violently disagreed and posted their point of view, to the benefit of everyone involved.

    Its actually entertaining now.
  11. This thread is not about Mouthgarbage but I agree
    That sort of tricks dont exist anymore,Cannibal Cards? Really
    I do the exact same thing by saying something simple and logical
    Like Daniel madison says "keep it Real and Short"
    Cannibal Cards in the Jungle.:D

    This Thread Is more about OldSchool Magicians and how their ways are outdated
    No one wants to hear about "cannibal Cards"
    They want to see magic
    And D&D are doing something great for the Community
    OldSchool Magicians should learn some flourishes too
    Im surprised that most of you still have that Primitive style of thinking
    magic doesnt Have to de Boring,It doesnt have to be Skill shy,It doesnt have to be Long,It should be flashy and straight to the point.

    I bet if someone else had posted this you would agree too

    "Im Brian Tudor and Im your source for modern magic"

    Brian Tudor
    Generation eXtreme
  12. Again, I ask if you are familiar with Modernism in an artistic context? If you want to advance the discussion, this is important.
  13. Ya know, anyone could pull a quote from a famous person. That doesn't mean it's correct. You seem to forget that.

  14. If you (brian) say that your magic is an art form.(and you quote tudor on that every time)
    You should understand that art takes many shapes and forms.
    Theres no one artist creates something the same as the other.
    all artist (should) have different styles.You could base your performance or ideas on an artist you admire.but you yourself have to be original.be yourself.
    Your not talking about progress.progress involves change.
    You just want everyone to act the same and do the same thing.no comedy.No (or very little)patter.
    That would make this art very very boring.If everyone acted the same or just did card magic.
  15. believe it or not
    Thats the Future
  16. You've inadvertently answered my question. You know nothing about Modernism.

    You can't be a revolutionary unless you master convention first.
  17. im suprised he didnt have a comeback for this.
  18. there is no point of this thread anymore. i vote on closing this thread.
  19. Though I agree with magicman, I want to say something. I'm actually getting to the point of being furious. Even so, I'm gonna try to keep it as sensible as possible.

    Magic is getting more and more modern. True. No question there, no arguement there.
    "Magic is changing and old schoolers need to accept that." Yeah... believe it or not, they do. You said have to, but i said need to, bite me.

    What they have said... "don't do flourishes..." If you are pointing out what David Williamson said to D&D, note that he was joking. Otherwise, I have yet to hear someone else say that. Please, do me a favor and refer me to a credible source, so I may see the light. Note the word credible.

    Old does not mean out-dated. Get that across your head. You are 19 years old (or so you claim) yet you have do not realize how important history and foundation is.

    You say kids don't want to see old guys talk and talk, says who? Also, why are you only performing for kids? Since when did the adults disappear from prospective audience? Stop saying mouthgarbage, it ain't a word, get over it. Also, if people want to hear a story, they find someone who will entertain them with a story, not a local library. Since I don't think you've been there, you shouldn't talk too loudly, so it's kinda hard to find someone who will be storytelling. Just a little note for you.

    Old school magicians need to catch up. Catch up to what? Catch up to who? You? Brian Tudor? I mean no offense to old magicians when I say this, but their body's physiological reactions have slowed down, they will not be as fast as Tudor, not that it's important. "Can you do some crazy cuts mister?" Why would anyone ask a magician that? Lines I've heard thus far, "Dude, can you show me a trick?" "Hey, do that trick again" "Can you show my friends some magic?" Never have someone asked me "dude, show me a crazy cut." Yes, layman sees it as super skill, but to me flourish is an opportunity for a comedy. I know how much you dislike about comedy, so I will spare you the detail. One fact however is this. Magic is not made purely by skills. Magic = Skill + Presentation To add one more thing, especially for the close-up magicians is rapport. If you don't know what it means, look it up in the dictionary.

    I am an Old-Schooled Magician, by your definition, though I am hardly older than you. I don't mind that. I get the vibe that you think old is bad, but it's not. If you get the chance, look up "thesis, antithesis, synthesis". If it's too hard for you to understand... well, let's hope it isn't. Old Idea + New Idea = Better Idea. Hope this is easy enough for you.

    If you have a problem with carnibal card plot, don't perform it. If used right, this is a great performance. It's more entertaining, at least to me, to have odd story. It intrigues people, "what is he talking about?" and that's a way to grab attention. If only way you can grab the audiences attention is doing flourishes, I'm sorry, I feel extremely sorry for you.

    I really hope you will take some time to think before you post. Though I'm sure this is another vain attempt to make you understand, but whatever. I got quite a bit of frustration out of my system and I'm happy with that.
  20. and when it doesnt come true what are you going to do bc like many have said no one i guarentee will pay 250-300 dollars to watch you move cards around in a fancy matter. i am not the best at flourishing but i can do a few. and when i am performing a trick and i add a flourish into the effect people dont remember that they remember the effect that involves the story. im not an "OldSchool Magician" but i throw patter in so they understand what im doing; it is necessary for that bc they have no idea what happened unless you tell them and guide them through it. Including little children
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