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  1. Not sure if this is the right place for this thread. If not, moderators, please move this thread to the appropriate place.

    I thought I'd start this thread for people who bought OMEGA. It would be awesome if we could purchase different decks, but Theory11 has let me know that there is no way for them to know what is the chosen card in each box unless they open each one, and they ain't doin' that.

    So here's where this thread comes in. I've read in the reviews for OMEGA that people have purchased several decks in hopes of getting different cards. Some were lucky, most were not. If there is a deck with a card that you already own and would like to offer a trade, I'm hoping this could be the thread for that.

    Here's how your post/reply could look:
    I have: KD, 3H (only list the decks you are looking to trade, not the one you're keeping for yourself)
    I want: Any black card
    I have: 2S
    I want: Any red card
    I have: 6D
    I want: Any face card, any color
    I have: 4C
    I want: Any card

    Because you would only post in this thread if you own two decks and want something different for your second deck, buying this deck off of another member is not necessary. This is just a straight-up trade. Both parties can use same shipping method so price stays relatively the same. If there is a big difference in amount for shipping the deck to the other party, that party can send the sender the difference.

    I hope this all makes sense and I hope this thread is allowed on this forum. It would be very helpful for us who love OMEGA and want other options.
  2. I already own a 2c Omega deck and if anyone has an extra 2c deck that they want to get rid of, I could take it off your hands and we could talk price.
  3. I’ll be purchasing a couple more Omega decks. If I come across a 2C, I’ll let you know!

    ..and just to clarify, you already own a 2C deck and want another deck also 2C?
  4. I have an idea for a hypnosis routine where two people have two omega decks and are “hypnotized” to cut to the same card.

    I’m putting this idea on the back burner because I’m working on other things like verbatim, 52 to 1, etc. If I buy an Omega refill and get a different deck I would supposedly read two people for what card they picked or if I got a 2c deck I would go with the hypnosis routine. I would just take whatever idea that comes.
  5. Ooh, great idea about the hypnosis addition! Because this was performed on TV with three people picking up the same card. Adding the hypnosis angle would be such a fun twist!

    I also purchased Verbatim and 52 to 1. My next thing is how to incorporate Omega and 52 to 1 into a single routine.
  6. Putting 52 to 1 and Omega together would be interesting. I’m curious to see what you come up with. So far with Omega I’ve been divining the card cut to and predicting it so the hypnosis routine could be a nice change of things.

    I was thinking of having the two spectators next to each other with each deck and have them close their eyes and say suggestible lines as if to hypnotize them and say, “I want you TWO to imagine yourselves in a an environment you find enjoyable like a CLUB and relax to let your subconscious mind guide you to one card.” Something like that since I have a 2c deck.
  7. Is there any way of knowing what refill you can get or is it completely random?
  8. I emailed support about this very thing and unfortunately, they don't know the card you get without opening the cases themselves and they won't do it. So I guess it's random. Some have gotten two of the same card and others have gotten a couple decks with different cards.

    It's why I created this thread. To help those who are looking for a specific or different card.

    Hope this thread doesn't get closed down.
  9. Thanks. I’ll be here along with you and we’ll try to keep this thread active. I’m thinking of getting two more refills. If I get two of the same or different I’ll work with it.
  10. I'm planning on getting a couple as well. Just might wait until they do another sale. The last sale they did ended before I got a response from support about what the refills were about.

    I wonder, though, how many cards they have total as the gimmicked cards. I'm guessing/hoping around 10?

    So far what we know is in existence:
    2C, 3H, 4H, 6C, 7D

    Not sure if there are any decks equipped with a royal card.
  11. How many decks do you have?
  12. I only have one at the moment. I am in the market for about a couple more.
  13. Same here just the one looking to get more.
  14. I just now came up with an idea.

    You have two decks and you give one to your spectator (Omega) and the deck you have is 52 to 1.

    “I’m going to read your mind and you are going to read my mind.”

    Proceed to perform 52 to 1. Then it’s their turn to read your mind.

    They fan the Omega cards to you and even to themselves to see that all the cards are different. You pretend to think of a card (Omega card), they square the deck, you have them cut to anywhere. You name the card and they look to see that that’s the card they cut to.

    Genius, right?
  15. That sounds really cool. It’s like a telepathic effect between the performer and the spectator. You should work on it and see how it goes. I’d like to hear about it.

    One idea I had to reveal the Omega card prediction. I was at a ceramics course helping a friend stay afloat during the pandemic and I painted a small skull box. It’s small but it’s big enough to hold in a full billet and a small piece of paper. I was thinking of making a prediction of the omega card and aging the paper placing it in the box and having it be present throughout the performance and having the spectator themselves open the box to open the prediction. That would add a spooky layer to the performance.
  16. Sounds awesome! I’m eager to hear what kind of story or mythology you come up with to incorporate into your routine that ties in the skull box. If you have ITR, attach it to the folded piece of paper and have it animate on your or their hands before having them open it.
  17. Last Halloween I actually had a seance like performance and I think the skull box could be perfect addition for it. The performance can be on the lines of the “supposed spirits” guiding the spectator to one card and the card could be folded in the box. Also your idea with 52 to 1 and omega could also be presented in a similar way where the “spirits” guide the performance and spectator to guess each other’s card. Just ideas off the top of my head.
  18. I do like the spirits angle for the 52/Omega routine. It just sounds more interesting and fun to say it’s supernatural forces than saying it’s mentalism.
  19. For sure everyone can relate to the idea of spirits and supernatural forces. I just want to ask but would it be alright if I also work on the 52 to 1/omega idea as well. It’s a really cool idea to make the spectators to feel the magic as well and it could work for a show in October. I wanted to ask you first since it’s your idea and I want to give credit where credit is due.
  20. Just ordered two more refills, let’s see what I get.

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