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  1. I’ll order a couple more as well sometime within the next two weeks.
  2. Might want to order them sooner than that because I have a feeling orders are being backed up and it might take a week longer for your order to arrive. That’s what happened to my last order and I haven’t gotten a notification of my new order being shipped even though it has been confirmed.
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    Theory11 shipping has always been [Edited by Moderator for Language]. And I'm in no rush to get them.
  4. We ship orders within one business day whenever possible, however that goal is not always achievable. With Covid-19 our warehouse has to take many extra precautions when shipping orders, and orders can take longer in transit as well for the same reason. Looks like your last order was placed on Friday night after our warehouse closed for the weekend. Mondays are our busiest days (since we are trying to ship things from the weekend, not just the day before) so it can take a bit to get out the door. I'd expect yours to ship today.

    Again, we ship in one business day whenever possible, or as fast as possible if the next business day is not. Our ship methods are the same as every any other company (except Amazon, and we are a little, teeny tiny bit smaller than Amazon). US Postal Service, UPS, DHL, what have you - same ship methods as other places.

    If you have an order that isn't arriving quickly, check in with our support team and they can look into why. If something is delayed, they can tell you. If something is running slow, they can check on that. If something is lost, they can replace or refund.

    // L
  5. @Lyle Borders Thank you for being open with us. I understand how chaotic everything must be in the warehouse due to Covid, so I understand that orders are taking longer to ship and I don’t want you to feel rushed. It was just an observation I made. Hope you and everyone else is doing well.
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  6. Curse you, Theory11!

    Just when I thought I could get a break from buying stuff from you, you hook it up with a 15% off coupon code. I was thinking of just getting 2 Omega refill decks with the coupon, but Cyber is looking really good to me right now, too.
  7. My omega decks arrived as well they’re 9c and 5c
  8. Updated Omega Cards:

    2C, 3H, 4H, 5C, 6C, 7D, 9C
  9. I went ahead and purchased 2 Omega decks and Cyber. I'll let you know what Omega card I get when I receive them. Hopefully it'll be your 2C.
  10. Cool. Appreciate it pal. I performed the basic omega routine for someone the other night. It was fantastic. It was the first time I performed in a while.
  11. Got my 2 Omega decks today (along with Cyber). They're both 9C.
  12. Interesting. Are you happy with that and how is Cyber?
  13. I was planning on sticking with my 7D and 2 9C's, that way I have two different Omega cards and when I perform Omega the second time with the two 9C's I was gonna ask you if I could use your idea for the hypnosis thing so two spectators cut to the same card. I was thinking of having it be one whole routine where with the first person, they pick use the 7D deck, then the next two people in the same group, would use the 9C.

    BUT this is YOUR idea and you should be able to do it first. And the whole reason why I came up with this thread was so that I don't have two decks with the same card. So here are your options, buddy: 1) we can do a trade where I send over one of my 9C decks for your 2C or 5C deck (I prefer which ever deck was used less) 2) Or you can buy it off me for list price plus shipping and I can just work with my 7D andd 9C decks

    Let me know what you wanna do!

    I'm about to watch the video for Cyber right now. I'll get back with you in DM about my first impressions.
  14. I bought the Omega deck before Christmas and it arrived early Jan in the UK. I love the effect and thought Max's idea of multiple decks was a great idea too. Unfortunately Theory 11 support couldn't agree to checking that I didn't get duplicates to my QH, even though it's their idea. So I took a chance on them. Doh! They sent me 2 KH decks - Thanks Theory 11. So not only does it seem odd that QH and KH are selected, but also I can only use one of the decks. Does anyone in the UK have duplicates for swapping?
  15. Updated list for Omega cards:

    2C, 3H, 4H, 6C, 7D, QH, KH
  16. The last omega deck I got after Christmas was a KH
  17. You got another one?! Does that make 3 or 4 for you now?
  18. All the omega decks I own are: one 2c,Two 9c one of which was yours from the trade we made, and the most recent one was just one KH

    I’m planning on doing a tossed out deck routine for a gig in May.
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  19. Here's the question. I watched the Omega performance. I think I know how to perform it. I'd like to know if I'm right before I buy. Is that an option?
  20. Sorry, we won’t confirm/reveal the secret. All you need to know is that it’s pretty much self working and super easy to do.

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