Open Triumph by Dani DaOrtiz

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Fran DC, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. ok... hard truth time. Not good. Your filming angle made it almost impossible to see anything. Your faro wasn't smooth nor did you handle the cards with confidence. The presentation was very bland. In my opinion, the power of Dani's presentation of triumph is the patter... which you didn't have. And the ending, swapping out the fan, WHICH IS THE BEST PART, for the spread just doesn't work. I'd say take the video down, practice for another month of two then re-do it.
  2. Yeah I have to agree with joshrobarts. It doesn't even look like the same effect that Dani does. When I saw Dani do it I was completely fooled, but I could see everything going on here. It is clear that you rushed to put this video up because there are several blatant flashes which totally give the game away.

    Study Dani. His attitude, movements, script, etc. Look at how casual everything he does is. When he performs it, you cann't help but believe that deck is totally and utterly mixed face-up and face-down. Figure out the differences between your handling and his and practice, practice, practice.
  3. I totally agree with the above. These forums are to help you get better, but the majority of the "help" that we give you should be minor. We don't need to tell you to go practice. You should be doing that way before you post anything on here. Try to sort out mistakes and make your magic smooth and magical before throwing it up here for us to look at. Take more time working on one or two things. Focus on a little bit at a time for a period of time, rather than posting your numerous "competition" threads. Your satisfaction should come from doing great magic well, not from a youtube competition or something. We aren't trying to be mean when we tell you that you need to get your priorities in order; it's better that you hear it now than later. There are threads that point towards classic texts in magic. Grab one of those and STUDY it, rather than buying every new thing that comes out.

    Now, realize that these are things that we've all been told, more or less, by far more skilled and experienced magicians, and that we are trying to help.

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