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  1. Hey guys, decided to write up a review of the new release from Magical Sleight. Oxygen. The download is separated into two folders. One folder contains the moves taught, and the other contains all the effects taught.

    Quality: The quality of the download is great. Just as good as T11 quality. If there is a difference, it's small enough that I didn't notice.

    The sleights: The sleights taught are the Erdnase Change, Paintbrush change, and the Oxygen move with all its applications. The Oxygen move is basically a way of switching one outjogged card (in the center of the deck) out for another card , all under the natural guise of turning your wrist to show the card. There is also a performance of all the applications for the Oxygen move, so you can see exactly how it's supposed to look. The applications for Oxygen include: A control to the bottom of the deck (two variations, one face up, one face down), a control to the top (two variations, one using the table, one in the hands), and a force. I like the force, but I think it's best combined with the Hofzinser Spread Force. The way he teaches it is best suited for a larger audience, more in the manner of "say stop".
    Everything is taught fairly quickly, but thoroughly. There is no speaking, but occasional text pops up to tell you what to do. You should have no issues learning the Oxygen move, as it's fairly easy and taught well.

    The Tricks: Wow. That's all I have to say. I was expecting some impractical tricks with the Oxygen sleight crammed in them for no apparent reason but I was so, so wrong. Every trick I could actually see myself using. I wont use them all, but I could. Each one flows nicely, and is to the point. No funny moves, no messing around. My style of card magic :)

    Air: This is the first trick taught. It's basically a modern reworking of the Biddle Trick. If your like me, and never liked the Biddle Trick but liked the plot, then this is for you. So much better than the original Biddle Trick. You basically take out the four aces from the deck, and put them on the table (or a specs hand) and have a card selected. You then take that card and (with the deck put down) slip it in between the four aces. The card visually vanishes and, of course, ends up face up in the center of the deck. I love how well the moves fit together, and are so motivated. It sounds cliche, but its true. There are no false counts, and Air has a much more clever method. This instantly went into my favorite card effects list. It's not too hard either (easier than the original).

    Blueside: This trick is hard to explain, but I'll just run through it quickly. You have a blue deck and a red deck. The four aces (from the red deck) are taken out. A random card is selected from the blue deck and noted, then left outjogged from the deck, and the deck placed on the table. One by one, the four aces change into the selected card (I was amazed at how good this phase looked, no funny moves or anything). It is shown that it was just an illusion and all the aces have changed back to aces, and that the selected card that is still outjogged in the deck on the table is still the selection. The selection is taken out of the deck and placed between the aces. It vanishes, and is found reversed in the blue deck.
    I liked this trick, but I don't think I'd use it. It would obviously be better with patter. It also requires something "extra".

    Oxycolor: This is a cool color changing deck routine. It does require something more than just a different colored card, but it's worth it. There are a few moments of magic in it (which is nice), and the actual color change happens to the deck and the selected card at the same moment, and looks visually stunning. Nice routine that I think some people will use for sure.

    Sandy: This is a super simple sandwich routine. What I liked about it was how direct it was. You simply produce two sandwich cards, have a card selected and left cleanly outjogged in the center of the deck. Square the deck (the sandwich cards are on top) and you can reveal the card is sandwiched between the two cards. The nice thing about this is how clean it looks. The classic "sandwich" move that we all know is not used, it uses a much more clever method. This is something that I will definitely be using: simple, direct, clean, sandwich effect. Highly recommended.

    Performances are shown of all the tricks, so you can see exactly how they are supposed to look.

    Overall: I can't recommend this enough. Seriously. I was impressed with this hugely, and I would go so far as to say this is the best download (from anywhere) in a long, long time. The Oxygen move is natural looking, fairly easy, and even feels good to perform. After watching the explanation my mind was flooded with ideas for this sleight. It really does have tons of applications. I would give it a 8.5/10. It really is a fantastic move, and the tricks are actually worth your time to check out.

    Seriously, support this new up and coming website, Buy it. It's worth it.

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask :)

  2. thanks man for the neat review :)

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