Pandora performance by me...

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Ron54, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. nice. i liked it. well i cant even do that so yea
  2. holy S**T that was fast
  3. Holy Hell! And how long did you have to practice to get that fast?
  4. Mind if i ask around about the first phase? im having trouble with it in terms of speed.
  5. lol Practice son.
  6. I'm not that into flourishing as it stands right now, but that's just incredible. You should make some more videos; you might even contest Jordan and Chris ;)
  7. God FINALLY someone performs this right! Honestly, besides Dan, the only people I've seen who actually do this move good are Jordan Lapping, Michael Herp, and you. And I applaud you for that.

  8. Wow. That's just insane. Mad props, MAD props. :)
  9. thank you all :D new video coming soon..
  10. I liked it a lot! But sometimes it's fun to slow flourishes down a bit and just savor them. Just a idea!
  11. Wow... I liked it^^
    I'm practicing pandora too, and I'm also fast... But the smoothness...
    How long did you practice that?
  12. Smooth smooth smooth!
  13. holy smooth flourish batman!
  14. Gah, no! I'm going to stand up for myself and say if you do Dan and Dave flourishes, smoothness is no excuse for perfection!! This cut was not smooth! It was fast! In my opinion, smoothness with cuts like pandora, molecule 4, or sybil or something you do them fast to make them look good! There are SOO many terrible videos out there of people just performing "smooth" flourishes to say they look good. well pshaw because speed makes flourishes look better than smoothness.

  15. I practice almost 6 months on the pandora...
  16. What the ****? That's amazing!
  17. that speed was unrealllllll man. wow.

    i cant even do molecule 4 false fast :/
  18. A great cut, and a good performance, but the display stage with the 4 packets should be longer. That way the audience can savor it!
  19. Damn. Just... damn.

    -Sam H

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