Feb 17, 2008
hey guys, im new here to the theory11 forums, and actually this is my first forum of any kind, so i thought theory11 would be the best place to start.
I just got Panic by Aaron Fisher, and i'm in love with the effect, but i was wondering if anyone had any tips for using the effect, subtle nuances, things like that. any tips from you guys would be awesome, just send them to my pm
thanks, Ryan
Sep 1, 2007
Houston TX
hey ryan good to see you
and im glad to see you are joining us

panic is a great foolproof effect

my tips for you would be
  • Keep it slow (its too good to do fast)
  • always keep eye contact with your audience (not the gimmick)
  • and have fun with it

anything else you need help with
just ask us
everyone at theory11 i know has the will to help eachother!
Nov 30, 2007
Midlands, England
flick the kings with you fingers and show the you your spectator.

Yes - that's exactly what I do. Give 'em a bit of a flick and show them the kings. I always try to show my hand completely empty after I've put the kings in my pocket - make a huge deal out of it. Take the interest away from the deck in your hand. Then jump right into the vanish, but as said before, do it slowly. Make sure they know there's a deck of cards in your hand, and make sure they know[i/] that it vanished.


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The Dark Angel

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Sep 1, 2007
Denver, Colorado
Personally, when I perform with Panic, after I vanish the deck, and have only the 4 Kings left, I bow them upwards in my hand and then bend them downwards. This sometimes creates an audible snap, and you can work the snap into your routine by saying "With a little pop, the deck vanishes".
Dec 17, 2007
Melbourne, Australia
I get them involved by asking (whilst the deck is being spread) "So, that leaves how many cards left?" Then they'll answer either 48 or 50, then I'll smile and say "No, 4." When I show them the kings, I try and make the cards "click" or whatever, it gives a nice little touch.
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