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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tyler Johnson, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. Well, I know a lot of people have posted card designs, but please take a look! I'm calling it the Panthera deck. I designed it earlier tonight and I really like the looks of it! I'm thinking about having some made, probably after Christmas once I have some money. Let me know what you think!




  2. Nice! Sleak and simple. I can see the design looking really good in flourishing. Where did you get it printed?
  3. Thanks for the compliment. I actually didn't get it printed yet. I merely printed the design onto a piece of photo paper, cut it out, and then taped it onto a regular deck of Bikes so I could take pictures of what it could look like. I'm planning on ordering them from Peace!

  4. Nice deck, they look like Wynns with racing stripes.
  5. nice dude!

    i dig that.
  6. i'd buy them
  7. Very nice modern design. You may want to consider shading in the back design some more to have more of a contrast between it and the white border. Speaking of border, I love the fact that its so thin - it should make for nice spreads and fan displays. I think anyone who designs a custom deck should make the back borders much thinner.
  8. Yeah, thanks for the suggestion about the back design! I'll give it a try and see how it turns out! Also, thanks for the compliment on the border. I thought it would be interesting to make it smaller. Peace!

  9. lol, the lion(?) design looks like some Singapore logo.

    Edit: ; top right hand corner
  10. lol so true, I personally feel they look too "sporty", a back for soccer/football trading cards etc.
  11. Good Job man

  12. Ah, excellent, I like. Is complex without looking so, is simple without being so. Well done mate :)
  13. Hum, not really something I would buy, but it's a nice initiative nonetheless ;)

    I'm just more of a 'classic' old type of deck user.

    A little tip: Maybe you should darken the red. To me, it just looks so bold and jutting, I would think the main focus of the deck should be the lion heads, not the line.

  14. Reminds me of Umbro (the sports brand) for some reason. or England's Three lions.

    The red kinda turns me off. (the red strips)

    i'd still buy it though. For flourishing. =]

  15. I actually based the lion design off of the Singapore logo. I think I got pretty close to how it looks!

    Actually, I have two versions of the deck. This is actually the inverted colors from the original deck I created, the other version is still black for the border, but the stripes are black and the lion heads are red. And the circle in the middle is colored differently.

    Sorry some people didn't like it. Everyone has their tastes, just like with Smoke & Mirrors. Some people like it, some don't. :) Thanks your comments, especially constructive ones! Peace!

  16. Hey man, thanks for the information! I wouldn't want a "prototype finish", and it costs $19.99 for one deck from them! Peace!

  17. cooooool stuff

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