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  1. ive just begun learning Cardistry. Just started on Genesis been only practising the first 4 one handed cuts and after like an hour or two of practising i got like 10 paper cuts on my fingers, i know paper cuts are normal because i got small hands and i really need to stretch and the cards rub hard against my skin, but all i want to know is that will my fingers get used to it over time and harden up so there are no paper cuts or its just normal to have paper cuts every time you practise for sometime?


    p.s silly question i know but some one had to ask lol

    another quick question dont want to create a thread for it so here goes, like i mention i just started off with genesis and i find it quite hard for my cards to stick together and sometime they stick like glue. Was wondering over time will i naturally be able to make them stick like glue in the videos ive seen?
  2. Hi AsiFx3Me,

    Great that you started up Cardistry. This used to happen to me as well, until I smoothed out the edges on the decks of cards I get.

    Most decks, such as Tallys, Vintage Bikes, Arrcos...etc. have very rigid/rough edges when you open them. This can be solved, though!

    A cheap way to do this is just by rubbing them against your jeans. This technique is known as "smoother," and can be found in the media section HERE.

    A better technique, is if you buy a 4-sided nail buffer, for around $3, from your local CVS, Walgreens, Sallys Beauty Shop...etc. (or even Amazon). Then, smooth your cards with that. This makes the edges so very smooth, they feel like glass, only, not sharp ;)

    Good luck!

    All the best,

  3. Thank you for sharing that video. It was not only informative, but hilarious. Buck: "Take any cheap deck of cards, like one that can be found at your local Costco, or CVS. *Pulls out deck of Jerry's Nuggets*"
  4. haha probably Jerry Nuggets are just cheap as the bikes from him i think lol
  5. Maybe it is just me but, I have never, ever gotten a paper cut from Playing Cards. Never.

    Sometimes it might hurt my wrist because I have been doing too many springs or something but never cuts.

    Is that just me?
  6. Nope, I've also NEVER received a paper cut from flourishing. That's too funny. Although I do like the nail buffer idea!!
  7. I have a small hand too.I make full the deck of cards 21 on the left 21 on the right.Its no easy you need practice,prectice,prectice.
  8. I never got paper cuts when practising.

    Maybe you should balance the card rather than get a tight grip when you execute the one handed cuts.

    For some cuts that really need to stretch you hand, such as scissor cut or one-handed suffle, adjust the position and angle of the package, so they can execute gently on your hands.

    when I just started in cardistry, cards keep mess up and fall off my fingers, but now I could keep the packages stick together even learning new flourish. It's normal phenomenon for beginners, it will be overcome after tones of practice .
  9. Package? You mean packets?
  10. i got a paper cut on my pinky doing the leno cut :p
  11. I never got a paper cut before either when I started to flourish. Wonder why?
  12. I've never gotten a paper cut before, but then again, my hands were already pretty tough from rock climbing.
  13. You rock climb too? Awesome.
  14. This can also happen as a result of dry hands since drier skin is more susceptible to abrasions from the cards (especially those with rougher edges) and is probably why only some people get them.

    These arent really "paper cuts" but more like small cuts from frequently doing a cut (no pun intended.. well maybe a little ;)) that rubs against a certian area of the hand or finger repetitively.

    I have relatively dry hands and I've gotten a small "cut" or two from certian flourishes before.. Particularly at the base of the nail, since that is usually the driest and most vulnerable part.

    Anyways, try some lotion. Might help.
  15. dont really want to try lotion cause the cards might get sticky and its the damn scissor cut cause i really need to stretch my fingers cause of my small hands .

    also i got another question why is some of my cards peeling slightly from the sides ? they are only a week old and i havent used them a lot and i have them in a porper clip any suggestions
  16. I dont mean right before you start. Try it like in the morning, and if you dont use an oil based lotion then it wont hurt your cards.
    besides, your cards get sticky eventually just from the dirt and natural oils on your hands.

    I have no idea what you mean about the peeling though... What kinds of cards? It could be from jamming two packets together too hard (could happen when you mess up the scissor cut) or from dropping them on hardwood floors or something.

    Either way its just something that's going to happen to your cards, much like them getting dirty and sticky. When it gets too bad for you to handle then its time for a new deck.
  17. yup, juat a mistake

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