Paul Harris' Bizarre Twist Variation

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by insanemetalman12, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. It seems like I'm posting lots of videos lately but I haven't had time (or the camera) to do so in awhile. This is my interpretation of Paul Harris' Bizarre Twist that uses the whole deck and a single card rather than 3 cards by themselves. Hope you enjoy:
  2. That, my friend, was seriously VERY cool! Looked very magical and even though i can roughly follow some of the moves it still fooled my quite badly! You've definitely got yourself a keeper there!

    Very well done.
  3. i think it was cool, but it wasnt bezarre twist anymore...
    though i liked it^^
    keep it up man ;)
  4. Thanks guys & I know it's not really Paul Harris' Bizarre Twist anymore but that's really where the plot stems from and the endgame is very similary. Thaks again for the comments I'll keep working on it and see where it goes from there.

  5. That was bad ass! I think I will start practicing that, if you don't mind. That is a nice sequence and a great way to use that particular color change. Great job!
  6. snazzy! i like it!
  7. industrialchild, you are more than welcome to use it and if you have any questions just PM me; thanks for all the comments guys!

  8. The worst factor is the fact you can see the card you place the four onto.. and then its different when you pick the four back up.
  9. That's what I was thinking. Otherwise, that's pretty sweet! Does anyone know where the Inverse Impulse change is taught (I think that's the right color change)?
  10. It is simply called The Impulse Change and it can be found in Kevin Ho's booklet/pdf Smooth Operations. You can buy both the booklet and/or pdf here:
  11. it is really good i really like it.
    the probelm i find is that u put the whole deck on and ppl could think u was whiching cards before u do the change which will distracted from the effect it self, but it could be easyly solcved in a performance if u know of that problem

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