Perfect Roulette Prediction

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    Hello lads, and the one or two ladesses.

    I was bored one day and was playing pool, and then I whipped out my Roulette board and wheel and filmed this.



    PS. I did submit it to the media section but I doubt it will get accepted is pretty **** quality.

    PPS. Ellusionist commented on my video, **** yer!

  2. Awesome-sauce!

    Darren Brown should have used your method! :p

    Cheers, Tom
  3. Cool effect. I liked it. Think I have the method but who cares. It's all about the entertainment value.
  4. That's pretty cool. Good Job!
  5. Shazam:
  6. sounds like a true thing, the issue is that the account of the video is on fun mode, would like to see it on real money, also would like to ask if we could use the system combined with one of these betting strategies that im very fund to use.. here's the link roulette strategies
  7. No comment, this is for performance only not gambling!


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