Perfect Square or Double Cross?

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  1. Hello Theory 11 universe! So I have a TON of elite points that I would like to spend on something to add to my working material. After a lot of time browsing the site I have narrowed it down to 2 items I would like to cash my points out for.

    Here are the reason why I want each effect. Feel free to take a look and let me know which you think is more practical, I will get more use out of, and is better overall for my act.

    Perfect Square: I have been wanting to add Cube magic to my act for a really long time now, however I do not want to invest heavily into practicing effects like Cube3 or any of the other algorithm Solves that are out there. Is perfect Square as easy as they make it seem? Does it play well on stage? Great dual reality stuff it looks like and I think would be great to add to my standup show for both kids and adults.

    Double cross: I perform an effect called “ambitious ink” where the spectators signature jumps from one card to another. I think this would be a great lead in for that. Also I know this kills at basically every type of event you could perform. Would be perfect for my strolling gigs. So here is my concern, investing in a device that has a limited life span and requires a refill. How long will it last (keep in mind I’m a worker so it would be performed about 50 times a day at least 5-6 times a month.)

    Let me know what you guys think and why you think your suggestion is worth considering. Cheers!

  2. Tough call my friend. I do not own either, but truly think both look amazing to the spectator/audience. One thing that I think you definitely want to consider is this: which would you rather be performing strolling? You aren't going to take the cubes with you and put them in your pockets or suit. It would look bulky and awkward. The sharpie isn't going to take up any pocket space at all. Just food for thought.

    If you see yourself doing more of a parlor show and you have a case you are carrying in with other props and have spectators seated watching your show, then I'd go with the cubes.

    I can't wait to see which you choose and would love to hear your thoughts.
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  3. Great points. It is a double edged sword because I know I will get more use out of strolling with the DC, but I could really use the extra effect to add to my standup act with PS.... :/ haha in a perfect world I would just get both.
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  4. Been practicing with perfect square for 3 weeks...

    A bit of a learning curve but once u hit your stride,

    It’s a thing of beauty!

    You will need practice for The 1 sleight of hand
    Shown in video..

    Don’t dispair— I have never played rubrics cube
    Before And now I’m about 95% to perfect

    Double cross is interesting in a gimmick kind of way

    I believe it will get popular then lose interest
    Just my .02
  5. Gotcha. Yeah the issue is I could benefit from both! Lol I really am trying to decide which I would rather have. I’m leaning more towards PS because it adds an entire new effect to my act, whereas DC adds an extra segment to an act I already have created. BUT! I could also perform it on its own in my strolling act... grr. We shall see. Maybe I’ll just have to publish like 4 more effects and I can get both lol
  6. For me, I'm all about my show. I would make a decision based on "does this effect fill a gap in my show". So for the cube, it would need to fit the theme and message of my show or walk around sets. I won't typically buy an effect unless I know I could use it, and how I would use it. It sounds like you already know how double cross would fit in with your set, so I would lean towards that. As a worker, you can handle refills if you end up loving the result. And man - in the hands is always good, and DC leaves a mark that they will talk about the rest of the day and think about when they are back home. Not sure if you can beat that imo.
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  7. I think Rick Everhart hit a good point: is this for a strolling set or a show. That should narrow the choice down easily based on that.

    Cube Magic is a bit...weird, IMO. The size of the prop warrant should it being used in a small show, but the size of the effect and how it’s used warrants more of a close-up routine or strolling

    That and I think it’s a bit difficult to genuinely put cube magic into a routine without either having to build a theme completely around it or the routine coming across as a bit contrived. Maybe it’s just me. I don’t know. It just seems like with the HUGE surge of cube tricks, they just aren’t surprising anymore. I figure anybody that sees a magician pull out a Rubik’s Cube would assume that you’re going to solve it instantly. I’m not sure if that would come across the minds of the audience and/or if that diminishes the effect (for them). But this is part of why I’ve been staying away from cube magic.

    I think with Double Cross, there’s a more ‘involved’ approach with the audience. And I think there’s definitely a LOT more wiggle room with how to build and place it in a routine.

    Disclaimer: I don’t own either of the effects.
  8. Very fair assessments my friends. The honest truth is it all both fill a gap in my standup show AND add something to my strolling set depending on which one I get. I guess the question is which do I care more about? I think I may go for PS just because I definitely need to add something to my standup show. Plus every 3-4 kids shows someone always asks if i can do magic with a rubix. My presentation is going to seem very hands off and will basically make them the star of the show. Lol

    On the other hand DC is just so strong and gets huge reactions PLUS I can use it in both my standup act and my strolling act.... hmmm I may just cashnout the pints for one and buy the other... lol
  9. There's a lot of cube stuff you can do that really does, as you say, make them the star. That's how I tend to use it most of the time. Perfect Square is awesome, and I use it to open my cube routine which later involves aspects of Cube3 and Rubik's Dream.
  10. Yeah the goal is to not do another “look how fast I can solve it” effect. I think it would be cooler to have them solve it without k owing how to solve a cube. A lot stronger.

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