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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by guiguimanu, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. I got my first pk ring, i was really excited about it.

    When i got it i realized I actually ordered it one size too big. i was angry at first but i managed to fix it, I got some blue tack and wraped a strip around my finger and put the ring on. If anyone has better suggestions please tell me because this isnt working that great...

    when i got the ring on i started playing around with it, i like the effects possible with it, however, i realized this is not something i would wear, which is quite annoying. There is a reason i dont wear rings and that is that it doesnt suit me, my hand are quite small and a ring looks akward. I wanted to know is there anywhere you can get a custom made pk ring? perhaps this would solve the problem.

    any other suggestions/ ideas are welcomed of course

  2. yeah i get mine through them as well.. they're cheaper, stronger, and don't shatter when you accidentally drop them.......... so i've heard.... darnit:)
  3. Another vote for SMM rings. It was shipped quickly and works very well. Posters from the Magic Cafe reccomend getting a size larger than you normally would (not sure why). Also, the chrome ones double as shiners :D
  4. these rings ROCK when performing Prohibition, also they're strong enough to break a fork when a fatigue bar is set in.

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