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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by schwarzeneggermagic, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. hey guys...
    i just made this video and am planning on making it again improved. But wont untill i have some criticism.

    So far i am planning on making a smoother precentation and work on my handling. Is there anything else you think i should do??


  2. Nice performance. There isn't much that I would change. :)
  3. ok thxs for the comment
  4. That was an interesting trick. But try to work on you patter like really rehearse it and believe that what you're doing is real. This is one of those effects that, if presented right, could really trip out your spectator. Speaking of which if you have access to something other than a webcam try to go out and film your performances for real people.

    Also, stop doing tutorials!!
  5. Yeah go to your Youtube channel, click on your videos, and delete any video that has the world "tutorial" in the title.
  6. Haha, nice dreaming pic at 0:52. Please don't do tutorials. It is because of people like you with tutorials that hurt magic and it is the reason we are not experiencing a golden age in magic.

    If I would give any advice it would be that. Secrecy is important.
  7. ok thxs for advice
  8. I thought it was good. I'm gonna take a leap and say go a little quicker, if you could do it in a minuet, that would be perfect. I know, your thinking it needs to be slowed down because you hear it a lot, but I think in this case the trick would be better if done a bit quicker. I liked it though good job!
  9. ok thank you for the advise. I will try that out and see what I think
  10. I only watched it once, but it sounds like you need to fix up your patter.
    You don't need to keep repeating that it's a dream or saying little examples to ensure that they understand that it's a dream. It becomes overkill.
    The trick is good. I love it.
    You just need to fix up your patter so people could take you seriously and not just blow you off when you're going into patter.
  11. 1) I liked the trick. It's nice. I also liked the concept of using dreams in the patter to give reason to actions.
    2) I'd ignore the comments about the repetition of the dream statement in your patter. I see nothing wrong with it. Each time you are going back to reinforce the previously established concept that we're dreaming. I don't think it's over kill. I do think though that the patter does need to be written out, rehearsed, and cleaned up a bit to make it work tighter- not better.
    3) If the only tutorials you're posting is your own effects like this dreaming thing, then more power too you. You can certainly teach your own stuff, just don't teach others.

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