Pointers on "triple packet" pass?

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    Hey guys, what's up?

    Long story short, I've been working on a routine which I'm really happy with, but to accomplish the effect I'm looking for I needed a move that accomplishes something rather obscure;

    Essentially, I'm trying to pass the top X cards (say, 2) into the center of the deck. Without going too much into method, what I have right now is very similar to my handling of the riffle pass, with the lower packet not moving throughout the move, but I'm flashing like crazy. Also, I have no idea if something like this exists or not, so I can't really look up a proper handling.

    So, I'm looking for some tutorials or descriptions on this move. I already went through Royal Road, Expert Card Technique, Buckley's Card Control, Erdnase, and some other books I'm not really expecting to find it in (Encyclopedia of Card Tricks - though I might very well have missed it there, and some older books from the 70's-80's that have more basic stuff).

    Soo, if anyone has some pointers as to which books/video's have descriptions on this move, that would be really great :).

    Thanks in advance,

  2. So you're attempting to pass 2 cards into the center...without disrupting the order of the deck?

    A regular pass would place them in the center (much like the aces in cavorting aces) but if you're trying to retain the deck order it won't work.

    It's hard to tell for sure if your 3-packet pass will work out...I just tried it and am not sure of a move that can do what you want. A reverse side steal could (theoretically) place two cards into the middle from the top, not sure if that's of any help.
  3. Dribble block pass?
  4. Thomas,

    Assuming you're right handed, get in position to do a classic pass with just those 2 cards from the top. Left little finger has a break beneath them, right hand is holding the bulk of the deck from above. Then, lift up at about the middle of the deck with your right thumb. Allow the lower half to "settle" into your left palm a bit and then execute the pass.

    The top two cards should be sent into the break you've created with your right thumb and the original lower half of the deck should just sort of sit there in your left palm.

    It's not an easy move, but if you're already good at the classic pass it's a fairly simple adjustment to make.


    PS: If you're trying to send them to a specific spot in the middle of the deck, that's a bit tougher. The technique will still work, but you might have trouble getting the break in the proper spot.
  5. Well, sort-of, yeah. Obviously, if this wasn't the case, I'd just go with something a bit simpler :). I've been trying to do it with a reverse sidesteal, but this also isn't really working. I'll explain below.

    I'm not sure, to be honest I'm not familiar with that. Could you explain what it does differently from an ordinary (dribble) pass, and point to some resources that contain some descriptions on it?

    Thanks, that helps. It's more or less already what I'm trying to do, but at least now I know it's actually possible. You're right though, it's actually a bit more complicated. Here's my deck at this point in the routine:

    - Face down card
    - Face up card
    - [Chaff]
    - Face down card
    - Face up card, crimped
    - Face up card
    - [Chaff]

    Now, I'm trying to send those two cards down in between the crimped card and the one below that. Any method will do, whether it disturbs the deck or not, as long as those 5 cards end up in the correct order, in the center of the deck. Like you said, this has been giving me some issues with getting the break smoothly, and passing without any of the face-up cards flashing (besides the normal risks from passing).

    So, if anyone has an alternative method that would accomplish this in an easier way, it would be more than welcome as well.
  6. Some one correct me if im wrong but i believe Ken Krenzel has a bottom block cover pass. I cant recall where he published it. Maybe in Card Classics.
  7. The Distribution Technique, maybe ?
  8. Thanks, I'll check it out. By the way, do I infer correctly from your and LucasCG's comments that this move is ordinarily referred to as a "block pass"?

    Hmm, this looks interesting. I have some questions though; does this transfer to a specified spot in the deck, and how practical is this? This is by far the most difficult move of the routine, so I'd really like to shift (heh) to something more practical, and not something that will make my life even more difficult.
  9. distribution technique does what you're talking about
  10. Usually, the distribution technique is used to move several cards to different locations in the deck. Apparently, you just want to move your two cards together, so it will be easy this way :D

    As for the specific spot in the deck, without a break, it's going to be difficult. If you can open the deck a little bit by the right side, I think it's not going to be a problem. If you want more help, feel free to PM ;)

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