Prevaricator by Patrick Redford

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  1. I agree with the most part of what you said however there were a few problems with the video I found that made it hard to watch.

    First your voice you mention it with the pop up but if you mention it why not fix it?

    Secondly it cuts a lot, I personally found this to be quite distrating aswell.

    Towards the end when your hand goes inside your shirt, why? Also at the end you throw the DVD away, that shows me that you have little respect for it. If you were doing it to be cool I am sorry if I missed that but I don't believe it is cool.

    As for the review itself you only spent about 30 seconds on the most important part of the DVD that is the teaching. You completely missed out a lot of the extra methods that are taught on the DVD like the which hand tells which are head and sholders abotu what else is out there. You also missed out on explaining even though this effect is purely psychological it does have a very high hit rate. However Patrick goes into talking about how you can make the effect 100% by adding back in the logic puzzle and a little bit from Max Maven.
  2. Thank you for the feedback, but I threw the DVD onto a couch, I really do care about the product, and it took me about 4 cuts to get the review right, so i was a bit excited. What do you mean by having a very high hit rate? if you are talking about how often you get the trick right, then i would have to disagree with you. i have been practicing the trick for more than a month now, and the best part of the whole package is the ebook, which encompasses so many possible tells, that the possibility of you messing up is very much decreased. In fact, in the past two weeks i have only fudged my guess once. If you have not read the PDF, you can get it by inserting the DVD into your computer, then checking the discs file. Again, thank you for the feedback, (and the hand in the shirt thing, I have a low attention span, so, i know i was creepy...). I promise my next video will be better.
  3. I was refering to the percentages of getting the effect right when I was discussing the hit rate.

    Almost all of the tells that can be found in the PDF are also explained in the DVD. What I meant was you left all that out of your review and also the fail safe section that is a huge part of the teaching like what to do if you get it wrong and more importantly how with a little setup you are granteed 100% hit rate. Or by adding the logic puzzle back in (within context) you are granteed another 100% hit rate.
  4. Oh, that makes more sense. Yea, I did leave that out. Sorry...
  5. I was just wondering if this can be use in real life, so that you can know if someone is lying to you or not?
  6. The concept has a lot of real world applications. However if you want to learn about questioning lies look into other sources.
  7. Thanks for the answer.

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