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  1. I was wondering if this effect has been done before as I don't have a ton of resources to dig through and try to find a specific creator of a trick like/similar to this

    EFFECT: A spectator says any random card out loud. You take a blank deck and shuffle it face down into face up twice. With a wave of your hand, the deck magically all turns face down again with one blank card face up in the middle. You show that every other card except the card that the spectator was thinking of itself has also somehow printed. You then take that blank card and visually print it into the spectator's card.

    This effect uses a blank card and principles from Paul Harris's Art of Astonishment series, though I didn't take the method (or at least I didn't mean to)

    Thanks for any feedback!
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  2. Plot wise, there is triumph out there where the deck is blank except the selected card (don't have because it is from a limited edition book). I haven't seen the plot like you explain it. There are a couple of though-of-card appears in blank deck routines which typically use a R/S method or combination of blank face and blank back cards.

    Are you using the principle in John Gustaferro's Truth in Advertising to show the blank faced deck along with the shuffle in Unshuffling Rebecca because a riffle shuffle wouldn't do? I'm also guessing you would be using something by Tamariz or Aronson and an estimate to get set up for something incorrectly credited to Erdnase. If I'm close on method, the various principles you are using are public domain and can be used for an effect.

    Feel free to start a conversation if you want to talk more directly about the method.
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  3. I’ve started a conversation detailing the method, thanks for your help!
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  4. From what you described it would seem similar but sounds like a different effect all together. It is actually backwards compared to line. Please feel free to send me a PM if you want to discuss it further. Im sure it is different enouh so dont hesitate to publish it purely because of mine.

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