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  1. Is there any difference between the Prophet gimmick versus the Extreme Burn gimmick? I'm guessing that they are similar, but Prophet looks so much cleaner to me. However, could this just be a difference of handling?
  2. I wouldn't say that prophet uses a gimmick at all. It is an impromptu effect that could be done with a borrowed deck if the person lending the deck doesn't mind you tearing a corner from a card. So to answer your question (even though I do not own extreme burn) no they do not because prophet doesn't use a gimmick.
  3. huh??? I think you've got your magic effects mixed up. Why are you talking about a borrowed deck and tearing corners from a card????? I'm pretty sure Towcheeze was talking about Prophet, the dollar bill change, nothing about a deck. lol.
  4. From what I know from friends, and that isn't too much -- but enough to have a general idea, the gimmicks are similar in concept, but different in design and execution.
  5. You're thinking of 'Believe' by Joel Paschall (and later 'Conviction' by Justin Miller) which is a corner-torn-transpo.
    What Towcheeze is asking about is 'Prophet' by Tom Isaacson.

    And Towcheeze, to answer your question: they're relatively same in theory - but with a different application. When it comes to bill changes, they almost usually utilize the same method & principle ('Easy Money'). In MY opinion (MINE) ... 'Extreme Burn (2.0)' is better. The handling is easier, dvd is more thorough - a lot of advantages. Notably - the amount of different changes you can do with 'Extreme Burn.' But that's my 2 cents.
    Hope this helps. :)

    And I think this sums it up pretty well:
  6. Prophet is more of a "make it at home" gimmick whereas XB needs some extra elves to do your dirty work.


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