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  1. man it is ridiculously awesome that you are the only one replying to this whole thing the way I was hoping you all would :D

    thanks a lot. No sarcasm here..

    @ praetoritevong

    Thanks for answering.
    I actually am into editing for about 6 to 7 years now and by that I am not just talking about sitting in front of the program cutting pieces together.
    So without going into more detail about this: I know A LOT about videoMAKING..not only videoediting. Oh and by the way I am into card magic for about 5-6 years also....so please get the all time favourite "newbie drawback" off me.
    I KNOW that this form of presentation editingwise and conceptional is pure bull****.
    But that was obviously not the point of the video.
    Obviously...the video itself is as cheap as it gets. So I don´t get everybodys point who just watched the video...THOUGHT he saw a double lift ....got disappointed in the whole thing and now tries to find a way to punch the video itself on the ground as hard as he possibly can to decrease his anger about it. And so he starts to talk about the editing....which is the only thing in the whole video NOT to look for.

    Yes maybe I thought about getting the "Change Effect" alive again but than again ...as I said much earlier...I am not here to get attention in any way.

    And just because you still CAN´T be sure about the method...and you can´t...trust me....you just THINK you can...you get this whole thing wrong here....

    I am not just talking to you ...I am talking to everyone who clicked into this thread the last few days and immediately thought "trilogycore is the greatest ******* I know" after doing so.

    So besides the fact that some of you might be fooled and some of you think they are not because they believe they know the secret ...(and this whole thing doesn´t even matter anymore) .. this whole Action of creating the Q video was just another way for the community to ask "What IN YOUR OPINION is the perfect way of doing the ambitious card" It doesn´t ask for a method that ACTUALLY IS perfect...and thanks again to Medifro for his excellent description on this one....you can also take this question as a "what´s your favourite" kind of thing if thats easier for you.
    This is why it is called "Q" ..."Q" for "QUESTION". HOLY MOLY that sounds like the biggest Excuse ever, right? But it is the truth.

    Maybe if we all just turn back in time a few days so I would just open up a new thread without a video asking "Hey guys...what is your favourite ambitious card technique and why? Why do you think it suits you the best and why do you think it is perfect for showing it to people?

    Oh wait...there we are at the perfect again....that is not good, right?

    Oh and wait again....wouldn´t that just be one between all the other threads where again the opportunity would be given to bash it like
    "Duuuude there are tons of those threads....just go and die"

    I think if you compare the method with the video and the hating about the editing now - to the version without the video and just the question and the complaining about how many threads of those kinds already exist......I can´t really see any way of getting each and everyone of you satisfied.

    And now please....do not go on coming up with the "and now you want to claim that this is no double lift?????? WTH!?" kind of questions.....because after all this here....this is not the point of the thread anymore now...because immediately after this thread was up....you all denied to discuss about that because you all thought you were smarter than anyone else....instead of clicking into here....interpret that stupid video right...and discuss about a normal topic in every magicians everydaylife.
  2. Whoa. Came back here, and I really didn't mean to flare up at you bro.

    I'm just saying there was too much talk and too little walk.

    No flarin' or pwnin' ;)

  3. Does this "concept" work in picking up girls?
  4. you didn´t yes. Other people did for you.

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