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  1. say im performing digital dissolve or prophet. i dont own either of them but im pretty sure digital dissolve has a gimmick and prophet requires something besides just five 1 dollar bills. but anyways, what do you do when you perform it and they ask you to use THEIR coin/s instead of yours, and you need a gimmick. or their bills instead of yours, whatever. what do you do?
  2. Well in prophet, after you turn the 5 1's to 5 100's you have to change them back for the purpose of this: You say that if you could really do this, banks and the police wouldn't be to happy about this. That makes it so that you can't do it for THEIR money because you're really not suppose to.
  3. Well with Digital Dissolve, you COULD use their half dollar and British penny if they matched the gimmick. But of course you "wouldn't want to be liable if anything went wrong" so you'd "make up for it with a better trick" ;)

    With Prophet, you could actually use 1 of their bills in theory... it's a little risky but you could.

    - Sean
  4. YOu could always do an effect that doesn't require the gimmick, as the spectators don't know what you are about to do.
  5. slap them in the face with the back of your left hand

    this is why i dont like gimmicks
    i WAIT for them to ask for me to do my stuff with their cards
  6. Don't perform for them, simple.
  7. I beleive he was looking for solutions to continue on not to end.
  8. for digital disolve your pretty much safe because who is just going to be walking around with a 50 cent peice and a british penny, and as for prophet if they ask you to use their money well........RUN OFF
  9. Well first of all you shouldn't do the same trick after your just did it. Just do a follow up trick. Second of all if the spectator asks you to do a trick with their coin or bill do a different trick with their item. I don't think a lot of people ask you while your performing if you can use their bill, unless there your friends. I didn't encounter that kind of situation yet. I think if you work on your performance they won't ask those kind of questions.
  10. I had a friend like that who always asked to see my tricks again, or to try it with something of hers. I found though, that the better I got at the sleights, the better I got at the presentation and overall performance of my tricks, that she was too dumbfounded to even want to know. This has happened with a lot of other people that I've performed for. Show them something that knocks them off their feet and they'll never ask again. Just don't show the same effect to them twice in a row. I think that's pretty much an unspoken rule though.

    Basically... Be Awesome and you won't have that problem...
  11. If someone offers his deck of cards, I say (politely) that I use my own because of quality. With coins, I think it is possible to easily switch their coin for a gimmick, but I don't recommend that. Darwin Ortiz had a good section of this in his book Strong Magic. He recomends ignoring all challenges like those, because if the trick is good, it will speak for itself and audience won't think "he couldn't do it with MY coin". ANd if you accept a challenge like this, you will get more challenges.
  12. go on to a different trick, of do a switch
  13. Personally I'm a fan of making it disappear.

    Into my pocket.

    Then I disappear.

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