Raise Rise Performance

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Aly Moursy, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. Hey its my egyptian friend in NY, good job on the video. The camerawoman could use some tips though but I didn't see any faults. Good job
  2. His name is Ray Kosby. Only on bittorrent sites is he called Cosby. According to Google, Ray Cosby is also in the 1987 graduate class of Englewood High School in Englewood, CO.

    Anyway, I'd work on minimising the motions. Of course there has to be some shifting motion, but your hand falls about a foot and then rises again to cover it. Also, I'd perform the move once more since twice seems to fly by without much effect. I know from experience performing similar elevator moves that, if it's a partial elevator like this one, it often takes two times for the spec to fully realise what's going on; by which time you want to show them at least one more time for full effect.
  3. Really nice job.

    My only problem is that each rise goes out of the screen.

    Other than that, it was outstanding.

    You must have practiced that so many times

  4. that was a nice performance, like someone said previous the camera person needs to shake a little less, but other than that I liked the performance. With practice the motion will be smaller.
  5. Not bad, but definitely room for improvement.

    As mentioned before, I believe it would be better with one more rise. 2 Rises is not enough to register for laymen, contrary to what other magicians might think. The motion itself was good, and the depth of shaking will reduce with practice. Keep on going =D

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