Nov 13, 2019
I know this is the most generic post, but I haven't been keeping up with the latest magic tricks on the market and wanted some advice on what to get.
First is a wallet with quite a few possibilities, at least a peek.
Second trick may be some sort of ring flight but I have heard horror stories so I'm not sure.
And anything else that is currently good on the market.

(Also may get some cards but I'm not exactly a collector so I may just get another pack of cherries)

(Also British so I buy everything from MagicWorld, I just like these forums)
Mar 15, 2018
The brand new Nexus Wallet gives you a peek, card to wallet, and more. It's pricey ($110), and reviews have been mixed due to the fact that it isn't made of genuine leather. But it certainly can do a lot, and comes with a tutorial video that's over 4 hours long, and packed with ideas.

More info here:


For a much cheaper option at $22.50, there's TCC's The Edge, which has a lot of features similar to the Nexus. It's also artificial leather, and comes with a peek, zippered pocket, card to wallet/envelope, and video tutorial (not 4 hours, mind you).

More info here:

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Jan 2, 2016
The horror stories about ring flights come from a very specific and common type of ring flight method. I don't think I can explain it here but I'll just say it's a homophone for a word that's the opposite of "fake". The problems come from not loading the ring properly. Plus, these types of ring flight can make noise as well.

I don't own it yet, but I've handled the gimmick and would like to second the recommendation for Flite by Steve Thompson. It basically eliminates all of the problems I had with standard ring flights (having to have an entire key fob, risk of losing the ring, noise). It might not be quite as clean as the others but it's my personal favorite.

Pro-Flite by Nicholas Einhorn is similar in that it has no moving parts and is more based on sleight of hand. It seems like a good trick and I believe it's more examinable than Flite as the spectator can take their own ring off of it but personally, I think the gimmick is kind of weird looking. Flite looks far less conspicuous imo.

If you want a good alternative to ring flight with a similar effect, you could check out Nest of Wallets. It's another ring to impossible location and it ends examinable.
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