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  1. It was only a matter for posts like this to pop up. "...why wasn't this approved for the wire." Or something like that
  2. The move needs a bit more practice. I could see through it. Interesting idea though..
  3. I like the move but:

    1. The performance wasn't too good

    2. The trick wasn't very good

    3. It was kind of hard to hear what you were saying

    4. There was a slight flash.

    The overall production value was very low and the trick was unoriginal
  4. i don't think it's original enough to be on the wire.
  5. i like it! the presentation was a bit slow and the quality is ...not the best. But the effect looks great. I really liked it
  6. Thanks Spidey for your kind words again. Glad you liked it ! Yup, I guess its the quality, I will film it again and see!
  7. The "main move" you do in your routine is explained by Guy Hollingworth in his effect "Waving the Aces" in Drawing Room Deceptions.
    Im not entirely sure if Guy Hollingworth invented the sleight but he certainly published it before you. The only difference I saw is that Guy does it with one hand and you are using 2 hands for additional cover (not needed in my opinion).
    The idea of prodcuing an indifferent card and then changing it to the selcted card isn't very original either.
    I guess thats why it got declined

    As a general tip for making your trailer:
    use different camera angles to make it more exciting to look at for your viewers. A 1:59 min long steady camerashot gets quite boring. Also make sure you are staying in the frame with your hands, you went off camera a few times

    Hop I could help
  8. Oh, Thanks for your help Joey. Yup, btw what editor do you use?
  9. No problem
    After Effects for colour correction, titles etc. and Sony Vegas for edtiting
  10. Wow. I have after effects already. Could you tell me how to make the video darker and how you did the words ''Top Stock Control'' on the vid? Would you recommend Premire Pro?

    Sorry I'm a newbie at all these editing
  11. Not sure what you mean with the words "Top Stock Control"
    just used the text tool, the font is Gotham

    To make your video darker you can either use "Level Adjustments" or "Curves"
    Just google a bit and I'm sure you will find a lot of tutorials
    Curves can be a bit tricky without some background knowledge

    haven't worked with it yet
    I'm sticking to Vegas as I learned it from the start and adjusted my workflow to it

    let me know if you have any further questions

  12. Ok thanks. You film the video in a bright lighting then you edit it to make it darker right? Where do you place the light source? above you? , Beside you?
  13. Always depends on what look I want to achieve
    Just set up your camera and play around with different position for your light sources and then figure out which looks best
    you can search for photography lighting techniques to get some basic knowledge about how lighting works

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