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  1. Hey guys,

    My name is Nick (I perform under the name Ryan Fox) and I released an effect called Tacked a few days on the Wire. If anyone has purchased the effect I would really appreciate some feedback from you guys. This effect was my trial run and I would love to know what everyone thought about it either on the product page or on this thread. I would also appreciate tips and suggestions (editing, instructions, camera angles, quality, and other) for the next effect I plan on making.

    Also if you have any questions on Tacked or any suggestions please feel free to pm me.


  2. If I had the money, I think I would buy it, it looks great! From what I can see anyway, the trailer doesn't show the effect too well, it appears with those cuts you have left out crucial parts of the trick, placing the card back into the middle, wrapping the deck up. If I don't know what these look like when doing the trick I would be less inclined to purchase it. Sure put all those arty street shots in, but at least try and include a full uncut performance, if not for all the variations, just the main one. We didn't even get to see what the impromptu version looks like at all.
  3. Thank you so much for your feedback I really appreciate it
  4. I would like to know where you can perform this effect? I mean I can't really think of places that this trick could actually be performed. I mean it's look really cool, but the only thing that is restricting me from buying this is that you didn't put in the description actually places that this can be performed. I don't want to buy something that would only look good on camera.
  5. ArmanMagic,

    To be honest, I perform this strictly for the close up or stage setting. When I perform this I usually buy a tack board for my show (like the one seen in the demo) and hang it on the wall behind me or on the side of the stage (depending on the setup of the stage). Instead of performing Tacked everyday, I save it for special occasions.

    I included the rubber band version for people who want to perform this in other settings where it would be really unfortunate to have cards flying everywhere. Here is a list where I have performed the effect off stage.

    ~University or School announcement boards Usually this a large tack board with flyers for internship and school related information. (or any other announcment boards)
    ~ Dart Board -this was performed at a bar
    ~Wooden Fence
    ~Wooden Telephone Pole
    ~Card board or card board boxes.. (This one works really well)

    You have to get creative if you want to perform a a walk around effect but it can be done. Its not impractical, you just have to chose the right environment and situation.

    Hope that helps a little bit,



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