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  1. hey does Riot use a gimmick? and if it does is it easy to setup and is it practical?
  2. It does use a gimmick. It is fairly easy to set up. As for being practical, some believe it is while others don't. It depends on your performing situation.

  3. I personally dis-like Riot, becouse it bascially a camera only effect.

  4. uses a gimmick, and its only pratical if you enjoy having to switch decks from trick to trick and like to end dirty. if you like any of the above, riot is the trick for you. If not, you might want to try better way and learn Elevator or Shifty, but if you're lazy and dont want to put in the work, and dont mind doing all of those other things, then take the easy way out and get riot.
  5. I personally don ot like Riot I should not have gotten it considering I am mistly a purist. To answer your question yes it does usa a gimmick and a bout 5 minute setup.
  6. I like the effect - I thought it would be very camera only before actually trying it out a few times - It's a great effect :)

  7. I don't really like it but that's just me. I'll stick with Raise Rise, not that i can do it...but practice makes perfect!
  8. I don't really like riot, as the preview doesn't fit the description.

    When I watched the preview I'm like "what's so special about this"? It looks like he's just holding a card an inch or so above the deck and slowly lowering it down on the deck. It's not really a wow effect. From what I see from the preview he just holds a single card an inch above the deck and then slowly lowers it down and rests it on the top of the deck. You can totally see a shadow. Not very cool.
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    I'm not sure about the practicality of the trick, but the gimmick is good, and useful. I actually use it for a deck vanish. It looks pretty good, not as convincing as panic, but it ends looking a bit cleaner.

    I would say it's worth the buy.
  10. I prefer fallen over riot there is no gimmick giving a clean examable ending.

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