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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cedric Taylor, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. hi guys, i was wondering if it was applied to the arm or somthing would rubber cement stick to anything, such as small items like buttons, tiny magnets, paper???
  2. It will stick to them before it dries. After that it will not.
  3. it pretty much only sticks to it self, so if the other object you are sticking also has tubber cement on it, then I THINK it might work
  4. Rubber cement wasn't designed for arms as far as I'm aware... It's a rubber adhesive, it'll stick to most things!!!

  5. Rubber cement sticks to rubber cement.
    So I am almost positive it will work if you for example put some on your arm and some on, maybe a card.. But, maybe it wont stick too well because of your hair on the arm.

    Maybe it wasn't designed for use on your arm, but many effects use that "principle", where you apply it to your skin, and it works perfectly.
  6. Rubber cement does stick as long as you apply it to both items. As far as how "good" items will hold depends on the amount of rubber cement applied, drying time, etc.

    If you are trying this out on your arm as some effects call for...i would use a small amount first because some people's skin does get irritated or break out in a rash.

    If you really want an item to hold use super glue....I'm kidding. Kids do not try that.
  7. Nah you do not have to layer the cement on, the more surface area exposed the more stickage and firmer hold you will get. Beside who uses rubber cement anymore? I use chemical X from Dan Sperry's website.
  8. thanks...i will get that....
  9. Why dont you just use double sided tape?

    I'm pretty sure that rubber cement on the arm will cause you some kind of harm in the long run. I dunno, it just doesnt seem very safe.
  10. so i've heard...thats why i'm contacting dan sperry....
  11. Gluestick? I used that for a small magnet in an effect, I place it on my wrist along with a rubberband. I would casually rotate the rubberband and place the magnet on my finger and residue from my wrist would still have some stickiness so it stuck easily to my finger.
  12. i'll try that out...thats even bargain basement cheaper...hit me up on PM and i'll fill u in with the details...
  13. thats what i had in mind earlier...
  14. rubber cement...

    rubber cement is dangerous guys just need to chime in here. if you choose to use it just be VERY careful. it can and will do harm to your body, its only a matter of time. a close friend of me has two large tumors growing on his arm from doing needle thru arm with rubber cement, and i've heard of other medical issues that other magicians have experienced with using rubber cement. This is what scared the sh!t out of me with as much of it as I used to use for various effects. At one time I was doing the lifesaver routine 3 times a night when i was working in 2 different shows on the vegas strip - my friend had these growths form on his arm from just using needle thru arm in a semi-pro type status. bottom line too its a neurotoxin which means its bad for your brain cells and I think we all know what can come from that...if you've seen even one episode of COPS you probably have an idea...a good friend of mine was workign on a bit where he needed to put rubber cement on the side of his face - BAD IDEA, just think about what you're diong - is it worth it - is this something i should be doing - is this something that fits my style - etc, all these common questions - just question everything haha good luck...
  15. hey danny i'm already leaning towards the chemical x.....i heard the whole thing about the rubber cement after starting the post, especially the tips on the chemical x link....i have used rubber cement but will be stopping is at once.....thanks for creating it....

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