Rubber Transposition

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  1. You flash way to much but its still nice.
  2. i now, thanks :p
  3. I think it's a good trick that could be made great with a few handling changes.

    I'm not sure what they might be, but off the top of my head-finding a way to streamline it so you can 'keep' the three out and maybe have a spectator hold it (transforming into the joker in the hands) instead of having to go through and get it out again.

    If you get the sleights looking less fishy then I don't think it'd be as big of a problem, and overall I like the premise, just needs some tinkering.

  4. Ok, I like the effect but not the execution.

    Your handling of the control of the selection needs lots of work. You basically seem to be taking the card and putting it where you need it, which we shouldn't be able to see.

    Having the rubber band examined after the selection has been made is a strange decision. If I were you, I'd keep the joker in the band in a shirt pocket, have the selection made and controlled, then introduce the joker and have the band examined.

    Your switch will still be the same, but you need to make that smoother so it's not so obvious what you're doing.

    That reverse was painfully obvious. You could use a turnover pass, perhaps? I'm not sure, but you definitely need to work on that or change it.

    This is an effect that needs patter. It's a bit complicated and anticlimactic the way you have it now. A script will provide some build up for the final reveal.

    Also, general tips: stop fiddling with the deck so much, and if you don't have a reason to move, stand still. This whole video makes it look like you're incredibly nervous and you have to pee.
  5. -If you know it flashes, why is it still up? I can never understand why some people are content with mediocrity. Take some pride in what you do!

    -Sleights were appalling. 0:24 - 0:30 in particular were shockingly bad. I believe it was Simon Aronson who said that there is a great difference between not knowing how something is done and knowing that it can't be done. Yours falls squarely in the former. Plus a few flashes. Not smooth enough. Not enough practice. No knowledge of angles. etc. etc.

    -Study theatre. You need it. Use better misdirection.

    -Understand the pros and cons of cameras.

    -The rubber band makes absolutely no sense. Have you ever held only one card with a rubber band? The whole point of a rubber band is to hold things together. As we speak, I have a rubber band holding together about a hundred index cards on my desk, and 9 performance packs consisting of index cards and coin envelopes. Holding on thing is absurd, illogical and suspicious.

    -The structure of the effect didn't make sense at times. Just poorly put together with no motivation.

    -Using the Joker was another appalling decision. How many jokers do people usually have in a deck? Think about that, then think about why a joker may be a bad choice in a transposition effect.

    -You don't look comfortable with a deck. Practice more.

    -To emphasise the point, I must repeat that your sleights are not even close to being performance worthy.
  6. On an interesting sidenote (more interesting, I personally think, than the effect shown), I did a piece of theatre last year regarding the origin of the Twinkie Defense, which of course the Chewbacca Defense on South Park parodies. Incidentally, that was a great episode.
  7. I was joking around with my house mates a few days ago and we constantly are quoting that episode now.

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