Rubik's Cube Effect

Hey, guys and gals!
I've seen alot of magicians perform an effect with a Rubik's Cube where they solve it simply by throwing it in the air. I can't seem to find this effect anywhere. Does anybody know the name of this effect, or where I can find it?

Thanks in advance!
Sep 1, 2007
I believe Daryl teaches a version of it in his New Millenium Tour videos. Also, Shoot taught one at a lecture. There are a few out there. Mostly gimmicked, I know 3 methods myself...A gimmicked cube that has springs in it somehow..Daryl's which you make yourself...and Shoots which was impromptu, any cube.
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Aug 31, 2007
FYI Garrett Thomas performs a fantastic version of this on the Live at the jailhouse routine. His presentation is brilliant, as is his entire routine actually.
I think he uses the gimmicked cube listed above (the daryl one).
Osterlind also has a rubix cube effect where he solves it blindfolded (its on the no camera tricks DVD.) Fair warning, you do pretty much actually need to be able to solve a rubix cube to do it.

I heard the other day that someone is selling mini (keyring sized versions of the enchanted cube-anyone got any info on this?)

Sep 1, 2007
That sounds like a nice effect. I have a friend who is obssesed with rubik's cube. I could just imagine his face when he sees me solve it in just a second.:D
Sep 1, 2007
Hong Kong
I do not know of any other gimmicked versions of this effect besides the one from Daryl......I hear springs....what would the source of this design then? And is the description of the Enchanted cube in HankLee Legit? (i.e. all 6 sides)?

The funny thing is, Daryl Also seem to call his version under the same name: "the enchanted cube". So do the versions co-relate to each other or was it just a coincidence in names?
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