Saturday Night Contest - 52 + YOU - Photography Challenge

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  1. I like the guitar as you can see. I know it's simple but its brings me to a calm state when I looks at these pics. Deck of cards+Guitar=Peaceful :)


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  2. alright here is my last one I personally really enjoy this contest I must say. I think I am going to start experimenting after this contest to see what I can create.

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  3. Me too, although my camera was held to the tripod with some cardboard.

    Here's what I got.

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  4. Alright, here's mine.

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  5. Here's the goods. :D






  6. the prestige deck is your favorite? really? is britney spears your favorite "musician"?
  7. Grr, won't be able to enter contest tonight. :(

    Good luck to all!
  8. Wow that deck has really grown onto you. :p
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  10. My PIC! :D

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  11. eh usually happens around the summer time. :D

  12. who cut the cheese? lol its a fart joke
  13. Here are my two. The first is cool, but the second is for the ladies.

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  14. Well that was uncalled for. But I like them because they are neat and simple.
    I like their look, and everyone that sees me with them loves them too!
    I love a whole bunch of other decks too though.
  15. sorry, wasn't trying to be mean, just a joke. and your right, the only deck to compare to britney spears would be the plastic see through one's
  16. Here mine...

  17. You'd be surprised how sticky double stick tape is.

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  18. My Three

    Hello All -

    Hope you guys enjoy the photos. Standard Bicycles are definately my favorite deck. I've tried most decks out there, but I always go back to these when practicing and for performance. 10 minutes to go. Good luck all.



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