Saturday Night Contest - A FREE Trip To Magic-Con 2010

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  1. where do one legged waitresses work....IHOP...hahah...aww...*sigh*
  2. Does anyone know when the winner will be announced?
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    Well I hope everything is ok, it worries me when its almost 1am by me and no results are given...hopefully everyone is safe and sound...
  4. there is like 10 pages+ of info. with videos and sound files and such. its gonna take a while to get the best winnner. its a huge prize.
  5. Oh i understand that....its jus my nerves is alot of good competition that has happened over the last week. This is actually only my second snc contest...and i hope to do more in the future.
  6. I think I should win because I have watched Full House since season 1. I loved the character Danny Tanner. I thought he was so down to earth and real. Having Bob Saget play the part was pure comic genius. So getting to meet, hang out and make out with most of the cast from the show would be a definate dream come true.

    On the other hand, if I do NOT get picked to win this contest, I want you all to know that I will STILL watch reruns of Full House on a daily basis. I STILL will show all of my friends that episode with Jessie and his band practicing in the house with DJ on drums. And I STILL will try to...


    Congrats to whoever wins! It will be a good time for sure. I am looking foward to meeting you all!!

  7. wow i wonder what the contest you are entering is for?!
  8. I've watched most of the videos and read most of the posts and I must say that there are some great ones here. Good luck to everybody that entered.
  9. man...i am so trying to stay up and wait for the results...sooo sleepy...and i have to get up at five a.m...but i will push on!!!
  10. May as well go to sleep now man, there are so many submissions they have to look through and since its such a big contest I doubt they would announce the winner at 2 or 3 am in a forum post. They will most likely announce the winner tomorrow or some time next week via a video. They said there would be multiple people judging so there will probably be some voting etc going on to make the final decision. It will probably be a while.
  11. Phew! Just went through all the submissions.

    Thank you everyone who entered - especially those who really took the time to think about their submission. I will discuss with JB tomorrow and we will decide a winner.

    Thank you for being patient.

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    Thats Great! Thanks alot :D Good luck deciding with all these amazing submissions!

    Cant wait for the results!

    - Jenai
  13. Woohhoooo! Wish all who enter the contest GOOOD LUCK again once more WOOOT WOOT!
  14. cool! cant wait to find out!
  15. Oh s***, tell me this is a joke! Ive been working alllllllllllllll week like a donkey.
    This website is too "active" we can't leave the site for couple of days and BOUM we miss the most awesomest contest EVER!
    Iam trying to go to MC for weeks but it's like...super expensive (plane + hotel + tickets + etc... = aprox. 3500euros).
    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, if the winner hesitates or have any problemes I will be glad to make backward rolls without feet or jog naked in the snow yelling "I love you JB" (Iam seriouuus),if it allows me to win this opportunity!!!!!!!!

    And to be honest, I would love to go to Magic-Con. Today, magic is more and more about selling A one and only "trick", and we see guys come out of nowhere saying "this is the best trick ever blablabla". It's obvious that something is wrong with this kind of stuff. All the people expected at this convention...I mean, they are hard workers of magic, they wrote entire books on the subject ! Their thinking is so much more advanced...Today a lot of people do magic because it's "cool", because tricks became "available",easy (somewhat in the vein of the MTV and Youtube generation, we want everything right away, without working). But they don't realised that those trick are "easy" because people have worked for decades to improve, to understand the whole psychology and mechanics behind it.
    To understand why this is an art, to understand why this crazy idea of "deceiving" could have its OWN SPECIFIC FORMS to express something new, something different.
    Cinéma also suffers from this since a long time (invention of the star system), and why? because cinéma is a language and "film as any language must be learned" (André Bazin). I think it's the same for magic, for "deception", it has it's own language and this is not something you learn just by "mastering" a trick. And when you see the programing of this Convention, it is unthinkable to miss it....I mean, seriously WTF??!!
    Anyway,sorry I get excited for nothing, it's too late. But if there is any chance I could win this contest by any means necessary (yep), well... that will be great, like doublecheese great. I've already missed Juan Tamariz when he was in Paris last year (hospitalization...snifsnouf, shut up) and I'm getting a little tired of missing some things due to a simple question of money.

    Well, super-bongo-chance to the winner of this. I tried, you never know...
    And Juanito....maybe next time.

  16. I already know who is going to win. it is •••••• (censored by Theory11) (but not really I'm just a dork).
  17. what i thought for sure it was •••••• i overheard JB telling the bucks that •••••• would win the contest.
  18. No you're both wrong its obviously ••••••!
  19. Hey guys is there going to be another SNC tonight? I sure hope there will be!

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