Saturday Night Contest - Collective Brainstorm : Round III

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jonraiker, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. Mine is uploading right now... However, I do have a question...

    I have won 2 SNCs in the last... 3 weeks.... Does that mean I literally CAN'T win this one? Just outta curiosity, cause this IS a fun contest.
  2. I dont think there are any rules that state you cant enter...
  3. oops! fixed!
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    My computer is being a video is only at 5%...ahhhhh...
    as an at 15% and i have a feeling im not going to make it....this is my first snc and hopefully you could spare an extra 10 or 15 min...i hope
  5. here is mine. didnt have time to get my good camera out so i did a quick upload on youtube.
    sorry for the quality
    but its my take on a bill change. i didnt want to go overboard with some unrealistic trick so i put something up that i actually do when i am out at a restaurant performing.
    taking an old effect and trying to give it a twist. with a realy twist at the end
  6. My Entry for the SNC 1/23/10

    Here is my entry, I believe it is original and it involves a coin, a dollar, rubber bands, and mints. Hope You Enjoy

    here is the link::

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    Here is my entry, I hope it makes the deadline:

    I performed an effect out of the incredible book, "Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic" that uses a dollar bill, two paperclips, and a rubber band.

    It wasn't the best presentation, but I did what I could in the time I had. My hands were a bit shaky (I don't know why, that hasn't happened to me for a year or so).

    I hope you guys enjoy the video.

    While watching this video I realized that my walls are covered in sports-related posters, this is weird, because I don't even like sports.
  8. well...this totallly upload was ready to go and my computer crashes...well looks like theres no of luck to all :)
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  10. Heres mine! ... honestly i dont think its good enough to win but its just falot of fun entering these sncs...the idea just hit me all of a sudden hope you guys like it

    PS :: Sorry for the bad quality i used my webcam.

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