Saturday Night Contest - Collective Brainstorm : Round III

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jonraiker, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. Hahaha thats why i picked it. I thought your presentation on the trick was very good. Did you come up with that??
  2. I did, I really liked the jumping paper clip, I thought it looked very real. I wasn't too fond of the rest though. Good job overall.

    Very good, I had a little trouble understanding what you were saying, but the effect itself was very good. I like the idea of a snap change with money. Good entry.
  3. Just got word from Danny and Marcus guys:

    Yo Yo Yo... we just finished up watching the videos and all of them were great :: 2 videos stood out to us for different reasons

    RyanOchs - The effect was simple, clean, and executed smoothly and Wcmagician - For simply making us literally LAUGH OUT LOAD with his mock up "impromptu" performance.

    Since this SNC was about the initial "effect" over "presentation" we're going to have to go with RyanOchs

    BUT... Wcmagician gets the award for making us laugh the loudest all day ... the prize for that is a self hug... so give yourself a hug Wcmagician and claim your prize as well :: HIGH FIVE!!!

    Ryan - check your PMs in the next 24 hours for full prize info. Wcmagician - you get a self hug from me, as well. ;) Thanks again to all who participated! You guys rock.
  4. Congrats RyanOchs!
  5. I knew I shouldn't have edited out my accordion joke.

    Congrats Ryan.
  6. that i did sir. Also, big congrats to Ryan!
  7. Wow, thanks!

    I especially liked the submissions by JPMagic and Wcmagician.
  8. Hahah. Thanks guys! I shall be hugging myself all night. Glad you guys liked it. Congrats RyanOchs!
  9. If my computer hadn't been stupid, here would've been my submission:

    Stupid technology. I think the contest deadlines should be extended to Sunday at 7 or so. That way more people can be involved and people with computer problems won't be excluded.


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