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  1. As I'm sure you're all aware, it's Saturday and, as such, we're back with another edition of our weekly Saturday Night Contest. This week, we released a series of images from the set of GENESIS - Andrei Jikh's highly anticipated and long awaited DVD anthology on cardistry. Tonight's event was inspired by a post made in that thread.

    Tonight, your goal is to create a promotional poster in the same format as motion picture studios, using the images posted in the GENESIS thread as the focal point. You can use one, some, or all of the images - and you may use whatever means available to you (Photoshop, Picnik, SplashUp, etc.) to make it look as bad ass, creative, and professional as possible. We're looking for the entries that stand out the most - though it can be funny or serious. The choice is yours.

    The winner tonight will receive our latest release from the mind of Chris Kenner - the Rising Card app - now available in the iTunes App Store. If you don't happen to own an iPhone or an iPod Touch (or, likewise, already own the app) you can substitute the prize for a 1-on-1 training video of your choosing.

    Note that there is a limit of two entries per participant - and all submissions must be posted in this thread by 11:00pm EST tonight for judging. We're looking forward to seeing your concepts and ideas. Good luck guys!
  2. Ohh, this sounds fun! Sadly, I'm heading out to the movies with my girlfriend tonight (actually that's far from a sad event, heh). Either way, good luck to those who enter! :)
  3. As a side note, B.A.W.I. - your image was awesome. Andrei > Daniel Craig.
  4. hey this is one of my submissions:

    Andrei contest aly.jpg

    Aly :)
  5. basic I know, but here is my first entry

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  6. Thanks JB, i'm starting to think I should have waited untill now to post it though, haha.

    Now, i'm gonna go see what else I can come up with.
  7. Watcha think?

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  8. In the words of Danny Garcia... That is badassicles. :)

  9. In the words of almost every man in the world... Thank you.

    (Yeah, my jokes suck)
  10. Here's my submission. Hope you like it and tell me what you think.


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  11. Teaser posters

    I really enjoy the viral posters or teaser posters for movies such as the Saw franchise, so I tried my hand at making something. I am not all that great with adobeshop but this was my attempt.

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  12. Heres mine not that much different but it looks pretty Boss.

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    Here's my first entry.

    EDIT: Oops, didn't realize that we had to use the genesis pictures. Actual entry coming soon

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    Any opinions? Any opinions on the editing?

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  15. Haha, that is totally win....

    Anyway, I suck with picture editing ect. so I probably won't be entering this one...
  16. Here is my first submission.


  17. heres my second one:
  18. ... Oh... You suck Doug... I've gotta go bleach my eyes now.
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    Here are my entries.

    PIC1) This was supposed to look like an advertisement for LOST but that epic failed...

    PIC2) Let's hope the sequel doesn't suck ;)

    EDIT: Hang on, how do I attack photos so they appear in little thumbnail boxes at the bottom of the post????
  20. Scroll down and click manage attachments , the browse, select file, click upload, and post.

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