Saturday Night Contest : Daniel Madison Edition

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  1. Nevermind I can :)

    Just a question, if I do mine there will be one swear, part of a DM quote.
    Am I allowed to use it, please respond.
  2. Man I'm looking forward to when I upload mine.:p Sadly I'm not sure if it will match some of the ones already posted, but I like it. Good job to everyone who posted so far! :D

  3. As long as it's not too offensive (you can check out the T11 Forum Rules for more info on this) that should be fine. Please mention very clearly in your post that there is adult language in the video, however. People should know what they're about to watch so that they can choose not to if they feel that it might offend them.

  4. here is mine (shmore) and darren's (sandwich of justice) video for the spoof.

    it was a team effort, me in the video, darren doing the camera work etc...

    we think it different to what has been posted so far... this may be a turning point in peoples ideas =]

  5. Oh man....i've laughed my ass off with these videos....too bad I don't have a camera.

    Most of my ideas are already done though..

    FANTASTIC job so far....I don't envy the judges.....most of them are really really good.
  6. Ineski's was great!

    I wish i could afford a camera!
  7. Well I just finished mine and have only been able to see Ineski's since sorry if I happen to share any of the same ideas as anyone else!

    HERE is my video!

  8. Haha here's my spoof on Daniel Madisons LETHAL...

    I had so much fun making this hahaha. I had to dig through so many film cuts to find a clip of me picking my nose without cracking up hahah! i followed all 3 rules...
    1.) It was black and white!
    2.) I danced =)
    3.) It was black and white!

    was mine the only one that was shot outside? hahah well I wasn't planning to go outside of my cave until next week but this made me wanna do it =)

    and i couldn't think of anything that would make fun of daniel madison so i put darn you madman haha and leathal is now harmless =)

    GL and have fun everyone =)
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  10. Ha Ha Ha.

    That made me laugh so hard. :)

    Somebody should make a parody of Bound with Scotch tape.:D
  11. Alrightly, here's mine. I just did it on the fly and with a cruddy camera (digital camera). So, check mine out right...

    ...wait for it...'s somewhere...





    P.S. Sorry for the pixeliness.
  12. Ineski's is my favourite so far, LOL what a pisser
  13. Here is mine!!!! And just so this is clear all these are my original ideas for it...
    lol im so excited!!!! ive watched sooooo many of them now that i might die :)

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  14. Ryan Ochs - Daniel Madison Parody

    Here is my entry:

    Performed by Ryan Ochs, age 13 (the beard was painted on)

    Video Link

    Format: .mov
    Size: 22.5 mb

    (To watch: Right click and select "Save Target As..")

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