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  1. Tonight we have a very special prize package up for grabs. But before I reveal the prize, let's discuss the contest. Earlier this past week I met up with Bill Kalush, founder of the Conjuring Arts Research Center, executive producer to David Blaine, and notable lover of all things Erdnase. Kalush has an unbelievable magic library located in New York City, and he founded Ask Alexander - an online resource that allows you to search and read texts from the library from the comfort of your own home. Ask Alexander 2.0 was unveiled for the first time at Magic-Con 2010. Kalush is a lifelong friend of Chris Kenner, and he's also the guy that got to shoot David Blaine in the face on international television.

    For all of you who have been pushing for a contest to show your skills in magic, this is your chance. The challenge, judged by Bill Kalush and our panel, is very simple. Make a video of any move or trick you choose from The Expert at the Card Table. It could be your favorite move. It could be your favorite trick. It could be a montage of moves, all done properly and perfectly. Anything - the choice is yours. But it must be directly from Erdnase. Upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo,, or other video sharing site, and post a link in THIS forum thread within the next 48 hours. Videos should be short - no more than about 90 seconds. The deadline is this Monday, September 6th at 11:00pm EST.

    He (or she) who posts the best video shall win. We're looking for videos illustrating proper technique, flawless execution, and impressive demonstration. What's up for grabs? A deck of the new, unreleased Erdnase Playing Cards by the Conjuring Arts Research Center, featuring illustration by Guy Hollingworth and theory11's own Dan White. The decks are not yet released, and you will be one of the first in the world to have them in your hands. We're also offering a runner up prize - second place - which will receive an Indestructible Erdnase - a new edition of the classic text printed on special, protective paper. It is waterproof, tear resistant, and extremely portable, fitting perfectly in your back pocket.

    You have 48 hours from right now to complete your videos - my advice is to use that time wisely. Make sure your video shows the move (or effect) executed properly and clearly, and take your time. 48 hours is a short deadline, but it should provide sufficient time to make your video a true representation of your abilities. May the best move monkey win!

    UPDATE : Results have been posted! Check out the list of winners here.

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  2. Those cards look awesome! Too bad I suck at magic and all things Erdnase. Good luck to all who enter.

    P.S: Will the special Expert at the Card Table be available for sale too?
  3. I believe it will be. I thought it already was, but maybe I just saw it in a newsletter.
  4. Should the video only showcase the move in its purity or should can we film an effect using a move or updated handling?
  5. We're looking for move(s) done as they appear in Erdnase, so variations are not desired for this particular contest.
  6. I think if it's a move, then it should either be done on its own, or within the context of a trick from the book. At least, that's how I read it.
  7. Definitely what i thought but figured it'd be a question worth asking! Thanks for this insanely awesome contest.
  8. Indeed. Wish I had a camera.
  9. Some food for thought - make a video of yourself properly executing your favorite move. Make a short video demonstrating 3 moves that you are particularly adept at. Make a video of your favorite trick. Anything goes - as long as it is directly from Erdnase. Note that videos should be no more than 90 seconds max - they should be short and succinct.
  10. Hmm...Can we do more than one move? For example, the entire system of palming?
  11. As long as the moves come directly from Erdnase, sure. Your video can be of just one move or trick, or multiple moves shown in a montage of sorts. The choice is yours, but everything must be demonstrated exactly as it appears in the book.
  12. Just a quick question... can we do a trick not taught in Erdnase but using moves taught from Expert at the Card Table? Also you said that the video should be no more than 90 seconds... is that a guideline or a suggestion?
  13. All contents of the video should be representative of what is contained in Erdnase - which means that we're not looking for variations or creative applications in this contest. Videos should be short - I wouldn't imagine it taking any more than 90 seconds to demonstrate one or several moves.
  14. Ok thanks... I had a routine in mind made up of moves from EatCT, but I guess I'll just do a montage of moves instead.
  15. were do you post the video???
  16. YouTube, Vimeo,, or any other popular video sharing site would be fine. Simply upload to those sites and post a link to your video in this forum thread (on or before the deadline). Be sure to give your video plenty of time to upload! Sometimes uploading can take 30 - 60 minutes.
  17. Can it be a artsy video?
  18. Does it have to be a new video and can I put a tutorial with it?
  19. Come on, I suggest not putting a tutorial in the video so everyone can see it. Lets use common sense, shall we.
  20. Videos should be new and made specifically for this contest. No tutorial is necessary as all contents should be directly and faithfully from Erdnase.

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