Saturday Night Contest - Demonstration of Erdnase

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. Is this said "Indestructible Erdnase" available for sale? It looks quite nice from those pictures..
  2. SWE Shift here I come
  3. I was wondering the same thing. I would like to "test" it's durability...
  4. Does the winner receive a deck and a book, or should I try to get second place because I like the prize better?
  5. Is Jason England allowed to enter this contest?
  6. Most certainly not!
  7. JB, where can we find this new Erdnase edition for sale? Assuming it's on sale.. And if it isn't, will it soon be?
  8. I'm just wondering, can I just deal out a poker hand, and then do a standard cull? I mean, is that fine? Like I deal four hands in texas holdem... and then, the flop, river, etc whatever it is... Then next round, I cull, and I win?
  9. Then what would the point of the contest be? And Crap... Dan is entering.
  10. I'd think you could probably switch with them if you win, just get theory11 to swap the prizes.

    I admit I broke the rules by not following Erdnase's descriptions verbatim. I didn't square when doing "Blind Cuts: To Retain Bottom Stock," but I think it looks better. I also added a scrape cut, which is obviously not in the book. Last, the grip I used when bottom dealing was not a true "Erdnase grip," rather it was one of the popular "modified Erdnase" grips.

    Looks like the only thing I did without modification was "Blind Riffles: To Retain Bottom Stock."

    I figure submitting this the way it is and possibly making a few friends who are interested in gambling moves is worth the disqualification.

  12. I would assume as long as you did at least one move exactly as described, then you would not be disqualified. ;)
  13. ahhh crap, unknown magician, ur not allowed to do any contests remember? ur too gud!!
  14. S W Erdnase = E S Andrews :)
  15. I have to admit, while both the deck and book are neat, I was really hoping the prize was going to be a free year membership to the Conjuring Arts Research Center. Oh, well, now I just need to polish up my diagonal palm shift.
  16. I'm am really not sure what to do because there are so many great moves.
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    I'm still learning a lot and I do a nice color change but is it good enough to beat a fancy cut or shift? I will send my video in time but not sure if the color change is a winner. Good luck to all and most of all have fun!
  18. That was AWESOME!
  19. Can I do a montage about 13 of my favorite tricks and moves?

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