Saturday Night Contest - Demonstration of Erdnase

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    Important note:

    for those that would argue that pausing after the push-in during the DPS constitutes a variation of the techinique described in Erdnase, I refer you to the 3rd paragraph in the description of the DPS (pg 139), wherein Erdnase clearly states:

    "The diagonal position of the selected card is now perfectly concealed and the deck is held in a natural and regular manner."

    With that said, here is my entry for this contest:

    And as for the ending of my video and the history of Erdnase, I refer you this time to martin gardner's interview, which can be found here:
  2. This was awesome. Loved it.
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    Heres my video hope you like it

  4. no offense.

    rule of thumb.... pointing the camera below the waist where your performing isn't such a good idea... all i saw was a crouch shot.
  5. Ok. But dont know why you would be looking down there anyway...
  6. lol I just noticed that I was the only one who did my performance for a spectator haha
  7. Great submissions! We will be reviewing these submissions tonight and tomorrow and announcing the winner Tuesday night at 11:00pm EST. We will use that time wisely to carefully review each submission and reach a consensus on who will take home the prize. Thanks to everyone for participating, and stay tuned tomorrow to see the results!
  8. Well, It's far too late to be judged, but I thought it would be neat to post a video of an oft' forgotten slight described in Erdnase.

    Matt M

    P.S. This was quickly done, If I had more time today, I would have made it better, and actually put it in the contest.
  9. Good luck to everyone who entered!
  10. I can't wait for the results! :D
  11. I loved viewing each and every one of the submissions dedicated to the Man Who Was Erdnase. This was a great contest and wish to have some like these again.

  12. And the envelope please... Throughout the day today, our panel reviewed each submission and all chimed in with their thoughts. Judging this contest wasn't easy. We had more than a handful of GREAT submissions that demonstrated high technical ability, production value, and obvious acquired skill. They were very well done. I could not judge these submissions alone, so I was assisted by Bill Kalush and Jason England - two of the world's foremost experts on Erdnase and two (or, four) of the best hands in magic. Period.

    So now for the results! Keep in mind that we tried to keep this contest reserved to best overall winner. This means that we tried our best to set aside production value and focus on the content - the moves - the skills. Our first place winner was unanimous simply for one reason: he chose to demonstrate one of the hardest moves in the book, and he did a damn good job of it. Congratulations to our first place winner and the trophy holder tonight - Tom Denton (TeeDee) for his submission here.

    Our second place prize and runner up was a difficult choice as well. We had much debate over who would take home this honorable mention, and at the last minute, we settled on one of you that demonstrated some great moves and polished, smooth handling: Nicholas S. His video can be found here.

    And in closing, a note from the stimulus to this contest, Mr. Bill Kalush: "I'm very impressed with all the entries and see a lot of talent out there. I give Nicholas an honorable mention; his speed and style of movement reminds me of Steve Forte. Almost all of them were very strong though and I'm also quite impressed by how much effort many put in to make their videos cool looking."

    Congrats to everyone that participated in this - you all did a damn fine job and should be very proud of the result. Amazing work.

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