Saturday Night Contest - Demonstration of Erdnase

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. casey stop teasing me!!
  2. I had a feeling this post would be coming.

    Congratulations to the winners. :)
  3. no i was yelling at casey b/c he kept posting before the results are up cause i was anxious.
  4. i predict unknown will win.
  5. Results are already up bro. End of page 8
  6. good job to the winners, but like many have been asking, will the "Indestructable" Erdnase be for sale to the public?
  7. I believe these will be available publicly in the near future, but are currently unreleased aside from members of the Conjuring Arts Research Center.
  8. When will the deck be released?
  9. Congratz to the winners ;).
  10. Really!?

    Thanks very much Theory 11. I'm genuinely surprised and delighted after seeing the strength and depth of some of the other guys' Erdnase skills. In a way, it's enough of a prize to know that Bill Kalush, Jason England, and, or course, Mr Bayme, have assessed me worthy (well, almost enough...I still want the deck...LOL). Now I feel motivated and inspired to practice Erdnase techniques even more...I imagine there'll be a lot more Erdnase material forthcoming on my YouTube channel.

    Anyway, thanks again, congratulations to Nicholas S, commiserations to the rest of you.
  11. congrats to the winners
    great contest

    @Nicholas : your video was great
    love the way you handle the cards

  12. Bill, Jason, Jonathan, and Theory11 members,

    Thank you for the very kind words and the honorable mention.

    Best wishes,

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