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  1. Hops Borders by Night
    Master Of All Things Cardboard
    Daniel Garcia​
  2. Visa - 0.44
    Jacob's Ladder - Timeline - Void
    D.G.'s Symphony
  3. Daniel Garcia
    Now Play Him Off KeyBoard Cat
    Hooray For that Cat
  4. Torn was the paper
    Covered in red and black ink
    Paper torn no more
  5. 1.
    journey just begun
    Finding a good DVD
    Danny’s Symphony

    kind of simple but its a start :p
  6. Daniel Garcia
    creator of white or wheat
    hard trick, frickin SWEET
  7. A man FULL of Greed
    When it comes to Ice Cream
    Daniel Garcia

    The mulletino
    A beast that's worn on the head
    only fits Danny G​

    My last two good luck to everyone.
  8. Can our three entries tie into each other?
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    Great in his prowess,
    Deep, and creative he is,
    His name, Garcia.


    He is not common,
    Garcia has his own light,
    Something creative.


    His ability,
    Noted for many reason,
    Is something to note.

    My three entries. Best of luck to everyone.
  10. They can be a similar theme, but if they are a continuation of each other that would just be a three-stanza poem.
  11. Haha, damn. Thought I might have had something. Thanks.
  12. #1
    Danny is a G
    with his bracelets and his beads
    he's cool as can be.

    Came to Theory
    now he's making history
    buy his Symphony.

    He came out with Torn
    a new superstar was born
    now he's on the throne.

    Those are mine i hope you guys like them.
  13. He is half sunshine
    That must explain his magic
    He is Garcia
  14. I'm so happy that Garcia doesn't get offended when half the forum rags on him for being mexican. . .:rolleyes:
  15. Submission 1

    Dan the mastermind,
    Boundaries do not exist,
    Key to amazement.

    Submission 2

    Cards, Coins, Rubber Bands,
    Dan Garcia does it all,
    Ladies, Food, Travel.

    Submission 3

    No top hat for him,
    Creativeness in his veins,
    The magic will flow.
  16. If you have symphony you may recognize my first line with his performance of .44 :D It was my favorite line from the DVD

    All the best,
  17. Would you 66
    A ninja, Wayne Houchin or
    Vampire Pumpkin?
  18. daniel garcia
    with his awesome nunchuck skills
    will make you wonder
  19. #1

    Daniel Garcia
    Seriously a ninja
    enough has been said
  20. Danny is a BEAST.
    Don't F*** with the Messiah
    Word to your motha.

    (bunch of random sh*t off the top of my head)

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