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  1. Ahem, it was not a pimp cup, I believe it was in fact a "grunge" cup if I'm not mistaken. :p
  2. When magic seemed dead,
    Daniel Garcia brought life,
    from his illusions

  3. You know what they say
    That Danny G is a witch!
    Yet we love him still
  4. My Submission :

    Drop the dollar bill
    Hang that **** off the rubber
    Make the crowd's cream dream
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    Submission 1:

    Gator Boots Danny.
    Throws cards at spectators heads.
    Nunchuck skills also.

    Submission 2:

    Ninja Garcia
    "Oh Happy Day" with JB.
    Makes love to Dan White.

    Submission 3:

    Who needs flourishes?
    Nunchuck skills own Dan and Dave.
    DG is Sexy!
  6. His Tricks Are Tasty
    His Ideas Are So Meaty
    Our Little Danny

    Our Danny G G
    He's Just So Raw To The Bone
    His Tricks Take It Home

    Danny Is The Man
    With Super Ninja Like Hands
    He Will Slap Your A** :eek:

    That's all I got.
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    Cards Bands Dollars Straws
    He can manipulate all
    Captain Awesome
  8. I got bored on the last one......

    anonymous, now ninja god,
    you rock my socks!

    Garcia my king,
    your an AwesomeSexyBeast,

    you're a ninja,
    ninja ninja ninja ninja,
    ninja, Danny.
  9. So goddam ninja
    Don't f*** with Garcia b*****
    Gator Boots your ass
  10. The last stanza is a 5-7-5.

    Daniel Garcia By Ryan Ochs

    The spectator believed
    In what he saw.
    Astonished! Amazed!
    In complete awe.

    Garcia performs
    In misdirection.
    Controlling the spectators
    Very selection.

    The spectator closely watching
    Tries to solve.
    His train of thought
    Quickly dissolves.

    “It vanished, he explains.”
    What he once saw
    No longer remains.
  11. winner

    I predict you winning....


    -Jon R.
  12. Daniel Garcia
    Doesn't read everyones mind
    He already knows

    Daniel Garcia
    He is an evil genius
    Thats pretty much it

    Daniel Garcia
    Once did a classic pass to
    A newborn kitten

  13. A Dandy Day with Danny

    Garcia, Garcia, how I long to meet ya'.
    How about you and I go get a large New Yorka' style Pizza.
  14. First SNC I've participated in. Here we go:

    Magic Mastermind
    Creative Juices Flowing
    Now and Forever

    We all praise Danny
    for his awesome nunchuck skills
    keep it up master

    Praise his symphony
    makes the most beautiful noise
    with awesome effects
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    The nunchuk master
    who is this mystery man
    Daniel Garcia

    Daniel Garcia
    magician or a ninja?
    perhaps he is both
  16. My main man Danny
    We all know that his life is
    Just a Symphony
  17. Symphony is beast
    because Danny G. made it
    rock on all night long

    That guitar looked nice
    but Nunchakus would have been cool
    but i won neither
  18. Just thinking about
    That damn sexy Mexican
    He's such a cutie

    I wish I could wear
    Danny's awesomeness beanie
    Even even if it smells

    This Haiku's for you
    Garcia's my baby boo
    Bad ass sexican
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    His pasteboard madness
    Covering all of our needs
    Advancing our art

    Much laughs will be had
    at expense of all around
    when he takes the stage

    with him you will see
    deep talents of many indeed
    a mind of great depth
  20. time is up every one. Good luck to all and ill have fun reading all of these :3

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