Saturday Night Contest - {dg} We Need to Talk

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DannyGarcia, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. going to be awesome
  2. well i just won fair and square also i was the one who got this thread to 3rd place so i deseve it
  3. fine fine fine. take all the credit. i thought we were different but now i see i see you for what you really are.
  4. just joking
  5. i am hurt now i am not watching the vid at all and going to quit magic
  6. I could not be refreshing more :p
  7. You guys spam WAY to much. 650 Posts 24hours? 3Pages every 5-20 minutes.
  8. good fine quit like you always do. you know what your problem is you are afraid of commitment. thats why you live with your mom.

  9. we stayed up the whole time
  10. It's not spam, it's mindless discussion
  11. i am only 15 but i amcommetied to this thread it is like my babyi would take a bullet for it
  12. that we did. who do think won beside yourself? if you can remember any of the questions.
  13. OMG the waiting paid off
  14. What? There were questions??
  15. i really didnt read any questions
  16. My god, is it over. KIDS! You can come out now!

    Is JB funny as hell? This thing was supposed to go from Vegas to LA, and somehow ended up in Hong Kong. We derailed past anything that's ever happened before.
  17. look back about 40 pages and i think thats were the questions started to end.
  18. There you are!!! Sup BAWI?
  19. Really? did you guys go to sleep? but hopefully its good it should be worth it.
  20. TUMBLE!!! *HUGS* I've been here the whole time. Things are good. And you?

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