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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DannyGarcia, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. Congrats man!
  2. Congrats dude! :)
  3. You guys are nuts. I broke off at about 12:30. :D
  4. I'm surprised nobody has said something about pressure being released on friday.
  5. yeah that is big news, im going to get it for a show
  6. yeah, I'm going to pick this one up. just so i can put people's cellphones in a balloon and leave. quickly.
  7. That'll be fun to do around campus...:D
  8. I wake up and this thread is at the bottom of the page!?
    we can do better than that
  9. Just to confirm - yes, the release date of Pressure has been announced in the video as THIS Friday, March 20th at 11:00pm EST.
  10. cool JB i should get a free copy just because you love me
  11. im most likely not going to get it the day it is released, i need more money
  12. Do i get it before it's released? Or do i have to wait?
  13. YESS cant wait once i get a little more money ill be set. Wait? how much money will it be, could u tell me that or anyone who knows?
  14. Wow! thanks JB. you are also awesome.
  15. Oh dear god, I had to come back to see how this child of ours is doing.

    BTW, Congrats MS.

    Great that it's comin out friday. Of course for me, i've got a few other things i've got to get first, but this is without a doubt on the list of what i've got to get my hands on.

    I remember talking to CC earlier about this idea. I remember everyone having mixed feelings on Adam Grace's "Ringtone". Imagine combining the two though. You put their phone into a balloon, have them call their phone in the balloon, only to find out the their ringtone is also changed.
  16. .....

    Do you Feel accomplished with all of the things you have done?
    Do you feel like you have reached Your Peek so to speak?
    Can i Have the Free Copy Of Pressure .... Please ?
  17. A bit late.....just a bit. ;)

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