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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DannyGarcia, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. well hang on now he said 15 mins. and thousand years is a day in the eye of the lord. so we are lookin at 15 years.
  2. Read up tumble, we all have DIBs on the first comment tonight. We are as one!!!
  3. Oh my god...
    Just the best night in T11 history
  4. the greatest thing that will ever happen
  5. Yes and i Quote the best night in T11 history.
  6. The direct link to the video recorded by DG tonight is below - check it out now. Since the video is 30 minutes in length, it WILL take some time to load. Trust me, it's well worth it for the wealth of info contained within. Enjoy, and let us know what you think:
  7. ITS UP (WOrd COunt.)
  8. We made it congradulations everyone you all rock.
  9. Do we find out who one in the video?
  10. Congrats everyone, I'm gonna watch this, then head off, so, goodnight everyone :D We all did great.
    And... I got that first comment ;)
  11. Contest winner is announced within the video - I'll save the honor of announcing that for DG. Watch this video carefully - there is a library of experience and serious knowledge within. It is - without a doubt - one of the best Q & A's we've posted to date.

    For now, please try to keep all posts on topic and relevant to this discussion, and let us know what your thoughts are after watching the vid. Rock on.
  12. Of course JB thank you.
  13. You guys are indeed the shaz JB. Once this Quicktime thing downloads, i'll save this to the comp and rock on my merry way. Thank You my man.
  14. Well my speakers are not working so if nobody minds, could they say who the winner is and also what the question was? Appreciate it.
  15. i get is code. no vid just code. link not workin
  16. One of you rquestions is featured in the video.

    AND PRessure is is is is is

    its impromptu!! Ohh i didn't win that sucks i'll try buy it.
  17. Well Quicktime is a bust for me, so I guess i'll wait till morning, lol. Hey Mini, did I get a mention?
  18. Appreciate it. So who won this SNC?
  19. Yes one of your questions was in there.
  20. Oh ho, friggin A+. Can I ask which one? Pretty please with Cherries and Chocolate Sauce?

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