Saturday Night Contest - Dressed to Impress

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Sep 6, 2008.

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  1. guys I heard that J.Bayme chosed to disguise himself as andrei and andrei as J.Bayme......

    I also heard that Chriss kenner disguised himself as katie and katie as chriss....

    Weird huh???
    (Just joking)
  2. ?

    ?????????????????????? Wait, you were kidding, or.......................... was that the real winner???????? AGH can't take this suspense any more! I have to go to bed in 2 minutes so... :/:mad:
  3. I think that part of my reply says it all.....Tell your mom to give you another 30 min! I mean tomorrow is sunday!!!
  4. Lol

    JK about that mothers orders thing :p but I am so tired, and I keep saying "if it gets to 10:35 I will go to bed... this has kept up for the last 1hr or so lol soo..... but now I am really going to bed. SOOOOO TIRED

    IDK How I will sleep with the suspense, maybe I will take the laptop up to my room...

    Gnite all, best of luck.

    *Magisanj went to bed at 11:17 PM*
  5. That explains it all!! over here were I live its 9:18.... Stay a little longer friend!
  6. Ugh

    I will try, I know have my laptop in bed here so.....
  7. Damn, I think they are on the party waiit, its 8.30 pm at las vegas.. so where are theyy?
  8. ?

    My thoughts exactly....
  9. We are back, and the winner has been selected... stay tuned for a video update within the next 30 minutes with the announcement...
  10. hey guys come on!!! give them a break!!!!

    They are AT A PARTY!!!! they are having fun, I just hope that they are dancing like crazy instead of thinkin "oooo we should connect ourselves to internet and tell them who won"!!! Let the guys enjoy the night, after all, the night is young .....

    So I am, besides I am starting to lose my sense of sight, but its not something bad,I can wait.
  11. ?

    Wait... so we have to wait 30 more minutes???????? Then I am going to bed.....
  12. 30 minutes???? O my god, anyway I am goingt to lose, That "queen and king disguise" wasn't such a good idea, I hope that those 4 WHite centurions decks that I send to J.Bayme will buy him enough so I can win that signed white centurion deck....

    Those decks are amasing....
  13. this taking forever
  14. i cant wait, i know i didn't win but i want to see them
  15. speak for youself cringe, im waiting
  16. we dont know yet, just wait
  17. Video is uploading as we speak... apologize for the delay but this one took some time. We had to take your submissions, read every one of them, run to Party City (30 minute drive!), then come back with a video in hand. But we've got it! And it's coming soon. And trust me... this one's worth staying up for...
  18. Yay. :D

  19. sweet i want to see u and AJ, i also hope you two have fun at the party :D
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