Saturday Night Contest - Dressed to Impress

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Sep 6, 2008.

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  1. i cant wait to see what they won, no matter who one it will be fun for every body, but good luck to you guys because im sure they are going to be a ZombaKorn
  2. Or they better be wearing the costumes I said.
  3. Or both. Although I'd prefer mine.
  4. Yeah, they'll be saying the ones you said, if you change your name to holo. Ketchup and Mustard is classic simple, funny, and blows everything out of the water except for the star wars leah slave, hmmm, we should give that to a certain someone hehe
  5. AhHhhhh whatever then. I was hoping to win this one i havent one any SNCs yet
  6. Yep

    Yeah, I haven't won one either, and being on this site for about 5 months or something, that's pretty awful :( lol (if I can laugh at that...)
  7. Ive been here for about the same time as you. I joined april you joined may
  8. I have never won one either. This would make my day, to win this contest...
  9. I've won two, but they were both roundtables.
  10. I won one rountable.
  11. I havent won any either :(
  12. Ya me too. Limited edition centurions signed by awesome magicians
  13. I have been on MANY SNC, and havent won anything either :(

  14. We'll all have our day of glory guys/gals, no worries! :)
  15. Yeah, but then you see all these people who have one like 2 of them. It bugs me!!!
  16. Ugh

    Lol, a bit of the "same thoughts" here, but I guess it's whoever has the best idea/video...etc., not always "taking turns" for who wins every contest, and I am not saying that because I have won any before (I actually haven't one ANY at all :()

    Ok that's enough ranting,

  17. it has officially been over an hour!
  18. Hour 22 minutes.
  19. there must be a long line at party city :D
  20. :(

    My thoughts exactly...:D
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