Saturday Night Contest - Dressed to Impress

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Sep 6, 2008.

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  1. So time is up...

    Winners will be announced when they come back from the store. Shouldn't be more than an hour or so.

    Wish you all could be here, and thank you for the kind birthday wishes, I appreciate it!


  2. Happy b-day! LOL thanks for the update
  3. Your birthday is today or tomorrow Katie?
  4. Yea HAppy Birth Day mate have a good party I wishI could be there!
  5. Birthday tomorrow

    Party tonight
  6. Then I congratulate you tomorrow Katie, hope you have the most awesome party on earth :)
  7. party hard katie!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Happy birthday Katie! Wish I could come.
  9. Happy Birthday Katie! My birthday was yesterday. =)
  10. If you want good reggaeton music listen to this and this, everyone will dance.. at least in Latin America :p and also with Sweet Dreams by Benny Benassi
  11. They are both the same link Just so you know :)
  12. Fixed, thanks man
  13. Andrei should be dressed as De'vo and Jonathan Bayme should be dressed as Brad Christian.
  14. Hopefully their back by now.
  15. Happy Birthday, Fraulein Egleston.
  16. We'd better be given incredibly embarrassing photos ;)

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