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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Sep 6, 2008.

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  1. Andrei can be a backpack and JB can wear andrei and carry him around. Since all of andreis stuff has to do with a backpack

  2. JB - Reaper Mask, Black Gloves, Muscle Shirt.

    Andrei - Werewolf Hands, Black Angel Wings, Wicked Dagger, Seuss Hat.
  3. JB- Popeye

    Andrei- Olive Oil
  4. good idea I like this one too.

    Not sure how andrei is gonna fit into a toddler size bubbles costume but I would like to see him try LOL :)
  5. If he can find a women's one that could help, lol. Check yo PM'zzzzzzzz.
  6. a 2 piece cow costume.

    JB - Head of cow
    AJ - Butt of cow.

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  7. since I was the first that posted the costumes with the links from party city, now everybody does :( the deal is if one of you who put the party city link should share with me the prize :)
  8. Jb: you can be wolverine just spike up your hair and stuff and get an Xmen costume!

    Andrei: you can be pyro from Xmen just get some pyro things that you might have ex: igniter or flash paper and some used cards and you can show your card throwing talents well problably a bad idea for shooting lite cards but you get the point little fire things that can't hurt anyone( but yourslef jk)

    Anyways I wish you all a great time and Katie an almost happy birthday!
  9. People aren't copying you dude. It's pretty much a given to post Party City links or else they can't buy the costume.
  10. Well, I'm coming in late, and I'm sure someone's suggested this already, but I kinda think that one of you should be costume #403 Beer Bottle and the other #404 Beer Can.

    .....makes sense to me...

  11. Batman and the joker. Whoever is the joker can do magic tricks involving a pen disappear. P.s. The joker costume means the joker from the dark knight. I think Andrei should be batman because he is ripped, as in muscular. Johnathan should be the joker because I can picture him messing around doing pen tricks. Good luck with your costumes and have fun.
  12. you guys should dress up as sunny and cheri i think i spelled that right and you guys could sing at the party jb would be cheri and andrei would be sunny
  13. wear ur street clothes and carry signs that say "nudists on strike"

    or JB as the joker and andrei as batman
  14. Here are my ideas...

    JB: Grab some pvc pipe or something similar. (At Party City you might need to go for posterboard) Make a box form. Grab some cellophane, color the cellophane blue up to a certain point (or use clear and blue cellophane) and wrap it around the pvc pipe. Add a timer, dress like david blaine, and re-inact David Blaine's "Drowned Alive."

    Andrei: Be Oprah watching in disbelief... Done.
  15. Bayme as Ronald McDonald.........

    Andrei as a cow.........




  16. Oh! Oops. I didn't read the Party City part. Well, then.

    ~ J. Bayme ~

    ~ Andrie ~
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