Saturday Night Contest - Dressed to Impress

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Sep 6, 2008.

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  1. You 2 should go dressed like men in black...all black and black sunglasses oh yea!!!!
  2. i already said that
  3. I have posted one before, but if we dont have more submissions, ignore this post.

    Jb as Ronald Mcdonald

    Andrei as Ashton Kutcher
  4. rocky and bulwinklle
  5. JB: Simba

    Andrei: Mufasa or Scar
  6. Oh man! I saw that movie tonight, it finished like 15 minutes ago! haha
  7. Go as the Blue and Pink Unicorn From Charile the Unicorn!

    Cheers, Tom
    (Its my 18th today!)
  8. JB as Katie, Andrei as Chris. This has been said before in the reverse order (JB as Chris, Andrei as Katie) but I want to see JB do a Katie dance.

  9. both as chippendale dancers, but like the one from saturday night live skit, so one has to go as Chris farley as a dancer and the other as patrick swayze.
  10. JB should go in a pink fairy outfit. (Make sure the dress is very short....)
    Andrei should go goth.

    I know I automatically lose because neither of you would do that. :) However... it would be epic.... and you know it too. ;)

  11. I'll do it for you :).

  12. Andrei should be a pokemon.

    JB should be superman.
  13. JB should be big bird
    Andrei should be a mime
  14. JB:Batman
  15. JB: Danny Garcia. Pick up some beads, some fake facial hair, tell story of the invisible fly.

    Andrei: Criss Kenner. Walk around practicing the S.W.E. Shift, do an impression of Criss Kenner doing an impression of David Blane, make fun of Jonathan (as though he was actually Danny.), get a blond wig.

    Very cheap. Practical. I hope I win!
  16. JB as Luigi
    AJ as Mario
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    i changed it
  18. Wrell since you guys want real costumes how bout

    Jb as Freddy
    Andrei as jason
  19. It would be so hilarious to see you guys go as Dan and Dave Buck, but as siamese twins. Im sure it would be weird doing the Leno cut with two chins, but Andrei could do a bunch of one handed stuff and JB could just be standing there and pointing the whole time. There's my idea,
  20. instead of my last entry i would like to change it

    jb:sumo semise twin (say that three times fast.)
    aj: the other sumo semise twin but wearing a giant shirt saying i'm with stupid with an arrow pointing at jb( no offense jb)
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